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Wow this is seeming less and less like RNG.
I think I have enough decent monsters to form a wood team now, I just need to level and evolve most of them.
And yeah my schedule has been weird lately, although I had this whole weekend off.
0 stamina normal dungeons

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That's probably because western PC MMORPGs are a dead genre. Koreans never really pump out anything anymore and we can maybe only hope for the Chinese and some indie devs.
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PC games are dying to begin with. I can easily see that in ~10 years nobody but indies will release any and most personal computers will just be a client for cloud subscription services. Creators will still need PCs and it will take some time for offices to move, but cloud is generally cheaper for Enterprise deployment. Soon there will be nothing but consoles and expensive enthusiast workstations.
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the only title that I have some excitement for is "Camelot Unchained"
everything else is really meh
I think that I have more interest in fan projects or private servers reviving old games than new stuff put out by the game industry