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>Arguably, it's not even needed, because old boards will will auto delete
But this won't effect the examples I gave. /mu/ could have a very active chatroom, but relatively inactive share threads, and so they'll lose all their shares if they don't make sure to keep them bumped.

>The 20 thread limit can be done, but ideally I'd prefer some algorithm without this arbitrary cap.
Maybe something like
Uses algorithm to decide how long an uploaded files last depending on its size:
''retention = min_age + (-max_age + min_age) * pow((file_size / max_size - 1), 3)''

You could do the same for threads, the more space they take, the shorter period of no-posts before its deletes. The only thing is you'll have to display it somewhere visibly on each thread (next to the sync counter should be fine), so that people have a heads up.

It's elegant in space saving, but it's inelegant for users because it's not consistent, you can't know off the top of your head how long a thread has. You'd have to add up all the files ITT and then put it through the algorithm, or enter the thread and find the already outputted answer.
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>Can you move the Livepost checkbox to the option window
I planning to move it in the identity window (the post options one).

>Sage from the option window to the reply box, next to spoiler
I think, that it should stay in the post options, because meguca is much more fast-paced in posting style. I want all the options on the form itself be non-persistent and the options in the additional window can persist. My idea is for it to be used while posting with the options window hovering in the corner like so, if you need to toggle anything.

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>''retention = min_age + (-max_age + min_age) * pow((file_size / max_size - 1), 3)''
Interesting. I like it, but instead of compound file size, I'll use post number as a capacity measure. This way older non-active threads will still be retained, but generals will get deleted fast. Amusingly, this also means, that threads over the bump limit will get deleted faster. We can easily compute the TTL client-side then.
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I think deletion is only an issue when there are few users and things are slow-moving. If there's lots of activity you don't want things to stay around forever because they would pile up. So post/board/thread-thresholds are probably more adaptive than time-based ones. 4chan has fast and slow boards which work reasonably fine simply with the N pages they're given.
Time-based on the other hand fails on both very slow-moving or very fast-moving boards.

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In my opinion identity, sage and live-posting needs two inputs. A default configuration and a per-post override. The identity panel is not very ergonomical. E.g. when you always want to sage so you can selectively bump threads only when you think they're worth it. But then you need to occasionally do that selective bumping. Or someone who is paranoid and doesn't want to livepost most of the time but then wants to enable it in some cases because it aids the flow of conversation.
Maybe keybinds for those


「hydron dev thread」

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Hydron is a much faster Hydrus alternative backend.
Version 1.0.0 released. Basic API now complete.

README: https://github.com/bakape/hydron/blob/master/README.md
API docs: https://github.com/bakape/hydron/blob/master/docs/client_development.md
Static Windows binary: https://github.com/bakape/hydron/releases/download/v1.0.0/hydron-v1.0.0_windows_x86_64.zip

Anyone interested in developing or co-developing a GUI frontend? Any language is fine.
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>data from an embedded database is read into a buffer
>then decoded into Go types
>then encoded into C types
>then passed to C++
>then encoded into Qt types
>then encoded into JS types by the QML engine and actually used
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Looks like it can only generate bindings for functions, not structs, and does not cast the types in between.
The other problem is, that because of Go garbage collection, I can not return Go pointers from a function, so all my returned types must either be on the stack or allocated from Go with malloc.

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I don't think we're on the same page here. I thought your issue was caching. If you only need the creation time, it is stored as JSON at the bottom of the page. That data is the exact same, that the HTML was rendered from.
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No, we are on the same page, but your JSON is useful for me and the problem will be solved.
I don't know that you stored entire JSON into the page, so I parsed HTML to get each post's time. However, you modified it AFTER loading HTML, so a racing condition is there. But I'll parse the JSON and use it, then the racing condition will be disappeared.

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I'll give a patch to my script. Please wait 2-3 days.
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you're working on catchan right? I think it should be part of the core, since the favicon-changes right now are only of limited use.
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> However, you modified it AFTER loading HTML
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>I don't see when the favicon changes. Does it only work in background tab?

Now 48% finished.
Now 75% finished.
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Now it was finished without error. Try to open it. If you can't open, tell me it here.

this is now a qt thred


「Multi upload script」

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Post bug reports or feedback for the user script. https://gist.github.com/an-electric-sheep/ce0cd642b2bff8508f39931e902588b1

Install on chrome through Tampermonkey, on Firefox through Greasemonkey.

Post browser version if you experience errors. Check the browser console (Ctrl+Shift+K on firefox, probably F12 on chrome) for errors.
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That very much sounds like the script is not running from within tampermonkey but in a chrome extension context instead, it can't pass the files from there.
Added a post delay option to the script for slower dumping
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better then orgasm
the best thing to come from internet
whoever made this is now considered honorary aryan
no, but seriously, thank you. this is really helping me
once more thanks.