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「C/C++ for Bwakas」

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Fundamental programming lessons for cute anons.
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Why do you own a bloooooooooooooog

Is Jerrick here
I released new update. v2018.04.08.0.

1. Changed domain of images in meguca.
2. Cleaned up so many lines.

This might contain bugs because I cleaned up so many lines, while I released this because domain change was critical. If you use meguca, use this new version. If you don't use meguca, you can skip this.
I released new update. v2018.05.27.0.

1. Fixed bugs in tag function. Exclude function was fixed.
2. Multilevel pop up replies.
3. Added some trial GUI.
4. Cleaned up code.
5. Fixed a bug in search; when you don't store any posts in catalog, search doesn't work at all.

This is pre-alpha, not matured yet. While I've made so many changes, I'll release it.


「DistChan or TagChan」

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I'm thinking about writing an ultra light imageboard engine for distributed chans. I can write JavaScript, since I wrote CatChan, but I'm not webdev and I don't know PHP, SQLite, CSS, Captcha, Apache or Nginx, so anyone who provide technical advice are welcome. However, it will be an conceptual one, so I'll refuse all conceptual advice probably. Anyway, helps or advice are welcome. And also, anyone who want to try this in your site are also welcome.
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(2/2) Tinyboard/vichan PHP codebase. If you want to contribute to imageboard culture, just contribute to meguca, seriously. It's right there: https://github.com/bakape/meguca

There are a lot of features you can implement both on the server- and client-side, and bugs you can fix. You can have a tangible impact right now. Meguca is arguably the strongest and most actively developed imageboard software out there right now, and is increasingly looking like it'll be the future of imageboards, despite the fact that only one person is contributing heavily to it right now. Golang is not fun to write in, no, but it's still a way better-designed language than PHP, and the meguca codebase is already out there and totally production-ready. So if what you care about is imageboards, contribute to meguca.

If what you really care about is not imageboards but some form of truly decentralized social app, then you need to decide whether it should be a normal web app that people can access through their browsers like any other website (in which case it's not going to be an imageboard in any normal sense), or some custom alternative application that only ubernerds are ever gonna use and which probably won't have a large enough userbase to actively post on the site, let alone constantly run nodes. If I were you, I would just contribute to meguca.
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Go is shit and I'll never touch it. I might use Node.js as a default platform, but I'll use PHP probably. This comes from deployment matter; All cheapest servers have PHP, but Node.js.
And I won't participate development of meguca, because distchan and meguca have opposite concept. While I have read all posts in the dev thread of meguca, and I have replied if I could answer.

Distchan is not a P2P application. It's just a group of servers with same protocol. It's similar to 8ch, but it has native tag feature to kill bad mods and admins. Therefore, I told this concept to HotWheels, but he refused. And also, I proposed this to admin of lainchan and Lat here, but they refused. So, I'll make it by myself. You'll realize what I think after I release it, but it's difficult to explain without concrete software, so I'll make conceptual model.

> If I were you, I would just contribute to meguca.
You can do it at anytime, and meguca can adopt my codes at anytime.
bump for keep.

Now I focus to clean up CatChan which will be a userside script of DistChan.


「Image-Dumping/Multi file upload script」

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New fixes and features
>shuffle file list
>you can now post text while dumping. just type while it's uploading an image and the post won't auto-submit, dump will continue after closing the post
>FF57 and Greasemonkey 4 compatibility

Older features
>automatic detection of multi-file drop (single-file is handled natively by meguca)
>filename editing
>file deduplication (queue and current thread)
>adjustable delay between posts
>numeric sort by filename

I dev and dogfood on firefox, feedback from other browsers welcome.
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I have a hunch this is due to some mutation observer. Maybe integrating the script into meguca could solve this.
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what's your current policy on contributions anyway? does it even make sense to do JS stuff since you're doing the C++ rewrite?
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C++ rewrite is still far off. Any not outright shit/useless contributions are always welcome.


「Decentralized Imageboard Network Design」

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As we all know, imageboards have been under an aggressive environment that is full of evil users who are always trying to take down boards in all kinds of ways including posting illegal contents and DDoS.

I've been wondering if it's possible to build a "public" decentralized imageboard network that is free from censorship and DDoS.

Some initial thoughts:
- File storage: IPFS
- CDN: IPFS public gateways
- Database: TBD
- https://github.com/orbitdb/orbit-db
- Cross-site federation protocol: TBD (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_software_and_protocols_for_distributed_social_networking)
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make it text board.problem solved. no cp spam or anything illegal allowed
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Those are still external services. Dependency on out-of-network resources defeats the purpose.



「Meguca Custom CSS」

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Old thread died. Posting some new stuff.

§§ Minimizing the vertical gap between images

Drawback: Text does not flow around images anymore.
Better results can only be achieved by reordering the HTML elements. Or possibly through some ugly float hacks.

article {
padding: 2px;
display: grid;
grid-template: "media meta"
"media header"
"media post"
"media backlnk";
grid-template-rows: min-content min-content 1fr min-content min-content;

.post-container { display: contents; }
article figure { grid-area: media ; margin: 0px; padding: 0px 1em 0px 0px; }
article blockquote { grid-area: post; }
article header { grid-area: header; margin-top: 2px; }
article figcaption { grid-area: meta; margin: 0px; }
article .backlinks { grid-area: backlnk; margin-left: 0.3em; }
article.media blockquote { margin: 2px 1.5em; }
article:not(.media) header { padding: 0px; margin-left: 0.3em;}
blockquote:empty {display:none !important; }
It still has some warts. The new post form for example.