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Ah, here we go. This is what liveposting looks like. Interesting, right? You can also reply to me before my post finishes
I'm not sure if you saw it the first time, I had to click the checkbox to turn it back on for myself.

Hi hi anons, is anybody around right now? I see 7 of you are!!
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I had to leave since I worked at 6 and had to get up in about 7-8 hours at that point, but I did #pyu (130) for those feet anon. >>4481424 #

Thank you. I used to have some stuff archived that I liked from threads, but new computer and I didn't get to transfer it over. I guess I'll find out in time.

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Sorry, I just really want my dick in your mout. That cute tummy, those modest tits, that subtle width to your hips. Sachiko is definitely the cutest in the world!
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I bet. I'd wanna wear stuff like that but I'm not trappy enough like at all

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Well I'm sure it's painful, but you've accepted it and so that can only help your relationship! She loves you a lot, but how else are you going to hear her moan and squeal like a bitch in heat? I'd shape her pussy, mould it around my cock, until that's all she can derive real pleasure from. I won't mean anything to her, but being used will just make her feel so good, she won't be happy without it anymore.

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i agree, finding a nice little sub would be great, too bad im not good at this lewdposting/text-fucking
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No matter who comes and goes to /ftb/ we will always be dead during EU hours. It's like a fundamental law of the universe at this point.

Hmm, yeah looks like it worked, I can see this in another tab in this thread even though I haven't posted it but in the new thread I can't see the post I've typed but not posted.
>want 4chan here
>hates liveposting
>posting dicks