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「Summoning Hitler」

GYdIqSnWaDsEx1.8 MB4488x45521555203276177.png
-- Save this sigil and share it when these threads emerge so that as many people as possible will charge it.

-- This sigil holds the power to evoke hitler from the grave and give him permanent reign. Make sure every anon involved has a copy to focus on.

>On April 20 on exactly 20:04 german time, (on Hitler's birthday) we will synchronize our minds for the greatest 2019 happening.
>We will challenge (((their))) hegemony of the spirit world with a coordinated worldwide attack and we will summon Adolf Hitler in the proccess.
>It is important that no one acts alone and we >all follow the leadership and instructions of the >more experienced occult anons.

>This is a continuation of a thread on /pol/
>which was deleted by the tranny jannies. >Apparently attempting to summon an avatar of the ideal of mankind in the form of Adolf Hitler isn't politics related, so we'll stick to here for now.
>So far we've had some good contributions to the idea found in the archives, such as a speculative mantra as well as advice on how to align ourselves spiritually during the event.
Some anons will be using DMT to convene in hyperspace where they will have more influence, while the rest will be entering into a meditative state for the recital of an as of yet undetermined mantra to aid the endeavor.
Anyone interested in joining feel free to comment here or on any of the other threads in different places. We need all the help we can get.
Any advice, caution, and general tips would be much appreciated.
It may work based on the intent alone because this is about a specific entity, but that sigil feels unecessarily complex. It's probably too late to change that now, but keep that in mind for future projects. It probably won't be as bad as the mess that was the winter-chan sigil
>>6089286 #
GYdIqSnWaDsEx16 KB318x39626869131.jpg
>>6089286 #
It doesn't need complexity, but that doesn't mean it's not justified, as long as every element plays a role. What's the story behind the runes surrounding it?
I'm in BTW. Let's bring back the avatar of the gods.
>>6096965 #
>>6096965 #
>So we just found out that this seal/sigil made by an anon is faulty.
I aint reading 700 posts on /mlpol/ to find out what you fucked up. But I could have told you this at once. Make it as simple as possible or you will end up attracting things you didn't intend to for being too wide.
>>6104013 #
GYdIqSnWaDsEx192 KB1119x6651555322486763.png
>>6104013 #
'High priest' wanted to revise the picture. After being asked about the meaning.
He wrote,
>What the actual fuck? I didn't even inscribe that.

>I'm not joking.

>It certainly does read that.
So anon's on /mlpol/ start asking him questions. He got fairly cagey about what the spell does.
>Well, then, I'll ask you all to leave me in peace to format the deliverence. Writing essays explaining what is coming is a waste of time. You'll see it for yourself once I deliver.
Pic. Related is his teaser of his new work.

/mlpol/ mod John Elway changed his flag to the rainbow until he stops being a dick.
>Alright, that's the last straw. I think everyone in this thread has been more than patient with you. We appreciate your efforts and you can keep posting, but you're faggot flagged until you can learn to not behave like an arrogant mong. This is a board of friendship, buddy.
'High priest
>>6104256 #
GYdIqSnWaDsEx204 KB1223x9471555372635640-0.png
>>6104102 #
To clarify he called everyone shills while being hostile.

After that he says he is leaving. After a few hours and comebacks.

It could have been due to the sleep deprivation or the feeling of power he got, but his stuff has some flaws that unchecked could go wrong for alot of people.
>>6104475 #
Just meditate to a svastika for fuck’s sake. It’s not that hard.

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