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Official /fringe/ library:

Huge occult PDF collection:

Liber Falxifer Book of the Left Handed Reaper:

Library genesis:

Feel free to add anything relevant, you can also post documents in the thread.
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>>5268228 #
Very good readability.
2.1 MBKeillers park.pdf
Keiller's Park murder case verdict
Historical artifact for anyone interested in swedish/norwegian satanism.
Charges agains MLO member Nemesis (yes that's his name) included murder, assualt, grave robbery and weapon crime.
GIqSnWaDsEx4.7 MB3000x4000lunyu.jpg
Lunyu, the original introduction page which has been wiped from all versions online for unknown reasons.
>>5311258 #
It seems there was a problem with that file, it doesn't contain the full book. I tried uploadig it but it's too large. Go here and get it yourself:
There's something weird about this doc, it doesn't open right in my version of adobe when downloading the full, but the document itself is all there when using google docs.


「Wand Path to immortality」

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Members from this group may post on 8/fringe/ and 4/x/. Some may post vids on youtube. This is how the average occultist will come into contact with this path. Once again, having the telepathic ability is more or less required if you want to reach anywhere noticable here. You can probably do this from a "mundane" entry point as well, but imo it's probably more work. But that is up to you. To get in here, you need to be noticed. How you attract that attention is not important. Make yourself a name as a youtuber, start tripfagging, start writing occult books and get them printed, anything you can think of. If you have the right mindset and skill you will be seen and contacted.
Reaching enlightenment by this path seems extremely difficult. Obviously it can be done, because of the existence of "Artillery Mage", the one and only elder of this practice I've seen. But maybe I just lack the ability to contact any other, or they're keeping to themselves somewhere. The characteristics of this path is determined by its focus on Wands. While these are not physical wands when you get to that stage, you may actually start by using artifacts as a way of learning. The main idea here is the development of artifacts, eventually these take the form of concepts or mental objects, but their nature does not change. This in itself is pretty unique. To be able to produce an artifact which holds something of yourself, you need deep understanding of yourself. This is the total opposite of vampirism, which has a relatively low standard for each step. But the effect is completely different, and if you do succed here, what you reach will have a sharpness of perception which is hard to reach in any other way.
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I see what makes me tick at this point. I have pride issues, too much pride, and also work with imagery. Not scenery like you do, but ink drawings that fully explain why something works. >>5333929 # This is a stick drawing. I've seen the full picture, but I can't post that here.

The reason why your Qi body isn't viable is because it requires you to constantly balance yourself mentally. No, the particle has nothing to do with it. The sun in the center of the earth acts as the air in the balloon, it supports the material earth with it's expansion. Let me get a video for you.

You finally said it! Alright. Can I continue my normal discussion here? The whole, completion of the spell thing. No comment? Alright. I'll respect that. I'll continue to post here, if your silence implies acceptance.
>>5334711 #
>>5334706 #
I don't think this discussion is suitable for this thread. Start a new thread for earth discussions. If you want to discuss it based on earth as a dimensional plane vs higher and lower planes, fine, but exploration of this one physical plane is a completely different topic.
I don't mind if you want to post sigils and talk about magic as that links into the topic of wands, just don't deviate too far.
I'll create a new thread for the earth when I have enough information, and mental clarity, to do so.
GIqSnWaDsEx39 KB784x6401539938032448.jpg
You effectively telling me to get out was the end of my journey. Thank you for your patience, everyone.

I've said that more than enough, that I'm done. But until proven otherwise, I'm done. With this spell. I still need to do other things.


「Comfy vampire thread」

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Links to archive of old threads:
Previous thread: https://mewch.net/fringe/res/2952.html

Alright, I'm creating a vampire thread. I can't stand not having one. I'm Ouroboros 4 anon from the mewch one.

See. I'm freaking out a bit. My body is changing. Slower heart rate, faster recovery. Eat little and feel fine. Moving towards my ideal weight after years of being on the fat and soft side. Not losing even a bit of muscle on a sometimes ridiculously low calorie fruit diet. Shit gloriously every day... Magic also getting better every day, manifesting left and right as if overdosed on ormus. But I don't buy into the whole immortal vampire shit because it's statistically infinitely (literally) much more probable that I'm developing some sort of hormonal, metabolic and/or heart disorder. Although the doctor says I'm OK, all the changes I'm going through are just too many, too fast.
I'm freaking the fuck out. I'm actually scared my body will just suddenly crap out on me and I'll die on the spot. Like, my heart will give up or something.

I anybody has experienced anything similar, I need to hear about it. Someone said on the other thread here that they did go through some shit but didn't want to talk about it, that OP was understating things. I need to make sense of this. I just realized I'm bordering on an identity crisis of major proportions. I'm doing to well and everything is getting better and better too fast.
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>>5311358 #
My perception of those scenes is that the girls are questioning what is and isn't external. Sort of an ego death that they go through before they make the decision. That was the first and last of their mistakes. Once they chose to be magical girls, their fate was tied and over. The idea that you can pay someone for a wish is already a trick. You make your own wishes. They come true, and if not then you try again. But you never sell anything for a wish.
>>5311393 #
I feel like I should watch this show :p I won't so whatever ill understand this just like this.
>>5311364 #
Now think of this in context of enlightenment. Making a wish for it. It can't be transferred.
>>5311410 #
>>5311393 #
Right. The whole concept of transferring enlightenment from one person to another is insane. I personally got a glimpse of what transferring enlightenment form one person to another is really like. It's not that at all: it's making a basic shape that most people can understand, and having it be destroyed the moment that the person makes their own version of the magic. Li Hongzhi once said that he can make everyone in a room become enlightened gods. But he said, they would stop being themselves. There's a reason for that, and the reason goes along with why new sigils are created every time someone makes their own version of the magic.

I'll be honest and say that this is getting too touchy-feely for me, so I'm going to stop posting for today. Try to keep a disattached mind when posting. I know I have difficulty with that.
Enlightenment does not exist. Only vane illusions exist.

>>4923168 #
Bible Study
~1 hr 4:30 PM CST (10:30 UTC)
Apostles Creed
Our Father/Lords Prayer
Matthew 17, Psalm 39-41
John 3:16 // Don’t Believe Like Judas by John Piper
Jesus - Lou Reed
Matthew 18, Psalm 53-55, Daily Reading USCCB
Daily Reading Reflection USCCB
Why the Quran Was Revealed in Arabic (David Wood)
Climb On (A Back That's Strong) by Shawn Colvin
Matthew 19, Paslm 58, John 13
Our Father/Lords Prayer

Bengel's Gnomon of the NT, Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary, Keil and Delitzsch OT Commentary, Thomas Aquinas and Tyndale.
- [YouTube] ??? John 3:16 // Don’t Believe Like Judas by John Piper
- http://ccc.usccb.org/cccradio/NABPodcasts/18_12_11.mp3 Daily Reading USCCB
- [YouTube] ??? Daily Reading Reflection USCCB
- [YouTube] ??? Why the Quran Was Revealed in Arabic (David Wood)
- [YouTube] ??? Jesus - Lou Reed
- [YouTube] ??? Climb On (A Back That's Strong) by Shawn Colvin

>>4923168 #
Bible Study
~1 hr 4:30 PM CST (10:30 UTC)
Apostls Creed
Lords Prayer/Our Father
John 14, Psalm 61-62 + 65
The Fewness of the Saved by Sensus Fidelium part 1
Wynonna Judd - Love By Grace
Matthew 20, Psalm 68-69 + 86
The Fewness of the Saved by Sensus Fidelium part 2
The Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter
Matthew 21, Psalm 70-72, Daily Reading USCCB
Daily Reading Reflection USCCB
Lords Prayer/Our Father

Bengel's Gnomon of the NT, Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary, Keil and Delitzsch OT Commentary, Thomas Aquinas and Tyndale.
- [YouTube] ??? The Fewness of the Saved by Sensus Fidelium
- [YouTube] ??? Daily Reading Reflection USCCB
- http://ccc.usccb.org/cccradio/NABPodcasts/18_12_12.mp3 Daily Reading USCCB
- [YouTube] ??? Wynonna Judd - Love By Grace
- [YouTube] ??? The Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter
>>4923168 #
Bible Study
~1 hr 4:30 PM CST (10:30 UTC)
Apostles Creed
Our Father/Lords Prayer
Matthew 22, Psalm 101-103, John 15
A Brief History of the Quran (David Wood and Nabeel Qureshi)
Up Where We Belong - Joe Cocker
Matthew 23, Psalm 108 + 138, Daily Reading USCCB
Daily Reading Reflection USCCB
John 3:16 // Nine Promises About Eternal Life by John Piper
Talking heads - Once in a Lifetime
Matthew 24, Psalm 109-110, John 16
Our Father/Lords Prayer

Bengel's Gnomon of the NT, Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary, Keil and Delitzsch OT Commentary, Thomas Aquinas and Tyndale.
- http://ccc.usccb.org/cccradio/NABPodcasts/18_12_13.mp3 Daily Reading USCCB
- [YouTube] ??? Daily Reading Reflection USCCB
- [YouTube] ??? A Brief History of the Quran (David Wood and Nabeel Qureshi)
- [YouTube] ??? John 3:16 // Nine Promises About Eternal Life by John Piper
- [YouTube] ??? Up Where We Belong - Joe Cocker
- [YouTube] ??? Talking heads - Once in a Lifetime
>>4923168 #
Bible Study
~1 hr 4:30 PM CST (10:30 UTC)
Apostls Creed
Our Father/Lords Prayer
Matthew 25, Psalm 139-141
St Ambrose, the Eve of Immaculate Conception by Sensus Fidelium
The Moody Blues- Question
Matthew 26, Psalm 143-145
The Rosary: Our Spiritual Weapon by Sensus Fidelium
Rescue Me (Tearing The Bonds Assunder..) by The Alarm
John 17-18, Daily Reading USCCB
Daily Reading Reflection USCCB
Our Father/Lords Prayer

Bengel's Gnomon of the NT, Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary, Keil and Delitzsch OT Commentary, Thomas Aquinas and Tyndale.
- http://ccc.usccb.org/cccradio/NABPodcasts/18_12_14.mp3 Daily Reading USCCB
- [YouTube] ??? Daily Reading Reflection USCCB
- [YouTube] ??? St Ambrose, the Eve of Immaculate Conception by Sensus Fidelium
- [YouTube] ??? The Rosary: Our Spiritual Weapon by Sensus Fidelium
- [YouTube] ??? The Moody Blues- Question
- [YouTube] ??? Rescue Me (Tearing The Bonds Assunder..) by The Alarm

>>4923168 #
Bible Study
~1 hr 4:30 PM CST (10:30 UTC)
Apostles Creed
Lords Prayer/Our Father
1 Kings 1-2, Daily Readings USCCB
Prudence and a Healthy Conscience by Sensus Fidelium
The Monkees - The Door Into Summer
Daily Readings Reflection USCCB
1 Kings 3-4
50 Reasons Muhammad Was Not a Prophet by Act17Apologetics
Jesus Is Our Love Song by Marvin Gaye
Proverbs 1, John 19
Lords Prayer/Our Father

Extra Exegesis on: Matthew 25-26, John 17-18, Psalm 139-141+143-145

Bengel's Gnomon of the NT, Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary, Keil and Delitzsch OT Commentary, Thomas Aquinas and Tyndale.
- http://ccc.usccb.org/cccradio/NABPodcasts/18_12_15.mp3 Daily Reading USCCB
- [YouTube] ??? Daily Reading Reflection USCCB
- [YouTube] ??? Prudence and a Healthy Conscience by Sensus Fidelium
- [YouTube] ??? 50 Reasons Muhammad Was Not a Prophet by Act17Apologetics
- [YouTube] ??? The Monkees - The Door Into Summer
- [YouTube] ??? Jesus Is Our Love Song by Marvin Gaye


>>5257408 #
I've adopted a thinking similar in line with that. The demiurge can adopt two forms: an imperfect creator, and an imperfect man. Imperfect man would be most logical. Imperfect man would be what most religions adopt, but the demiurge version of the imperfect man creates a universe that exists within this particular man's mind. Most religions don't adopt that, instead deriving their resources from outside influences. I don't have much experience with cults so I can't say what the general mood of their practice is. Cults are where the real fruit fall from.
What happens if you were left handed from birth? Are they doomed to a life as the sinister outsider from the start? Or were they altered in some way early on that caused the difference?
>>5265820 #
>>5265568 #
Everything from my name numerology, my birthday numerology, the mainstream traditions associated with my birthday, to the way my parents are and how my siblings turned out points to the nature of what my purpose in this life was. It just makes life harder, that's all.
>>5250420 #
He didn't mean the "Left Hand Path" at all, and neither is he simply stealing a lesson from jewish mysticism to be an edgelord. People misunderstood what's written in-between the writing of the OP. I don't think OP himself understands what he wrote but it's obvious he was just trying to incite a conversation on what he is currently going through. No one chooses their path, their path is given to them at birth. A lot of LARPers in this thread without an open mind tbh.
>>5321491 #
>>5321264 #
Strangely enough I was asking that question because I've always been troubled by stories of what happened to me when I got my first round of inoculations. I had a seizure on the right half of my body and a bad flu that eventually led to a lazy eye I had to correct later with surgery. My name also happens to stand for "right hand of God" so the idea I was somehow prevented from using my right half properly has always interested me.


「Insane Man's Sigil collection」

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GIqSnWaDsEx3 KB407x277Eye of the Created.png
If any of you wish to discuss with me my sigils, feel free to do so. Each one represents a solution to a problem that I've perceived in this world. Fair warning: some of these sigils are literal spells. The ones that are behind spoilers, I would suggest you not open unless you're ready to accept or view a spell.
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>>5317205 #
You imagined the end goal. The goal isn't the journey, and you want the journey to go well, so you make the sigil out of the first step. It's just something you get with time. You can't have what you want if the only thing you think about is, "I already have it."
If you're going to draw the sigil, draw it from the bottom of the half circle, continue to the top, then without stopping draw the final line of the bow string. After that, you remove your finger and draw the line for the arrow. This should be done as smoothly and concisely as possible.
What happens if you accidently open some of the spoilers? Specifically the first one?
These things look pretty cool, they give me Yume-Nikki vibes. Could I ask for one to be done for a specific purpose?
>>5321408 #


「/ftf/ bunker bread - general discussion」

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The board died....but this one is pretty damn close to /ftf/ and it's predessecor /aum/ so I guess this thread will serve as the /ftf/ replacement as long as the controversial crossdressing Board Owner doesn't make a new one. Nice board, btw.
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wait this thread is still up?
>27 Oct 2018
>27 Nov 2018
Acausal Connecting Principle.
>>5229295 #
GIqSnWaDsEx290 KB1352x800JTS.jpg
Hey, are you still around?
We discussed luciferianism back at the beginning of megu/pol/ and at the time I didn't understand most of what you said. But I've made huge progress since then and by now I think I have mostly the full picture. I'm not sure you did, so I want to see how this compares. Reply and I'll make a thread specifically for it if you want to discuss this stuff and compare world views.

>>4778038 #
/fringe/ is a community, so all /fringe/s is just a board. None of them is very active though. Part of that is caused by smiley/fringewizard abandoning the community, he's also supposedly homeless after being vanned and placed in psych ward for 10 days, for unspecified reasons.
>>4782142 #
>>4781536 #
Smiley is located somewhere pretty close to me and I've always wondered if I should try to contact him, but I'm pretty busy most of the time and I think I don't really have the extra energy to deal with a guy like him. I thought he was living with his parents before he got sent to the psych ward, did they kick him out or something?
>>4786450 #
>>4782142 #
The story does not tell. He's been posting in mewch about wanting people to send him stuff to watch offline when he's not in the internet cafe so it does sound legit, why he's not just going, no idea. Wasn't his mother old and ill and his father dead or something?
He did post something about being reported to the fbi and plaincloth policement watching him or something which sounds like it's pretty serious, or serious paranoia.
Good riddance. RIP brainless sissy wizard.


「Is feminism caused by a virus?」

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GIqSnWaDsEx3.0 MB2913x9987Femin Virus.jpg
>The Oxytocin hormone and it's importance to pair bonding, maternal behavior, in-group preference, pregnancy and other functions
>Biological and psychological differences between liberals and conservatives
>Biological differences among gays, transsexuals, and pedophiles
>Birth control causes frontal lobe brain damage, as well as other things like infertility, cancer and depression
>How Civilizations Fall: On the role of radical feminism in the decline of civilization
>The Fate of Empires (specifically XXIV The Arab Decline)
>References in mythology to the Femin virus
>The Rockefellers' connections to Femin and bioweapon programs
>Gloria Steinem's history with the CIA and use of the Femin virus on American black communities
>The Bronze Age collapse was caused by a Femin outbreak
>Elevated Femin infection rates helped cause the Cambodian Dark Ages
>Texas contractor arrested while possibly investigating Femin virus
>murder, leadership change at CDC over Femin virus
>WHO announces Femin virus as “Disease X”
>List of symptoms Femin hosts display (work in progress)
Take a look at the shape of western architecture and you'll see the face of a horned woman.
>>5185911 #
>>5185911 #
Just something I observed on my daily walks. Not really related, but interesting to know.

>>5126555 #
If you're going to work with an entity within the left hand path, you have to ask that entity specifically if other practices are ok with them. Maybe it's compatible with one of them and not with another. If you can't do this, you probably shouldn't try mixing it in the first place since you lack the ability to discern what is harmful or not. Consequently, since you asked that question, you're probably in danger doing what you are doing right now.
I gave you example of what can happen to such people.
>>5126677 #
>>5126622 #
I see. Thank you.
You wouldn't know how would one contact a plant spirit without having that plant at hand, would you? You think a picture would work as a sigil?
>>5126742 #
>>5126677 #
If you wanted to talk to the spirit of that plant, a picture should be enough, focusing on it or just visualizing it. But I doubt that's what you're really looking for here as the process or ritual is creating something else entirely, you're not just worshipping a plant when drinking a brew prepared under ritual circumstances.
>>5127286 #


「Megu/fringe/ OC」

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GIqSnWaDsEx858 KB1280x1920girl-2073807_1920.jpg
To make this place special and comfy, let's cement this board's culture by creating some OC, memes and other things.

Why don't we use Alissa as the board-tan?
This should make it easier for her to protect the place as well as making it stand out as a little different from the other boards.
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>>5106650 #
>A lot of guys are attracted to drawings because they are simply afraid to interact with real people
At first I was going to object and claim that there is much more to it but then I realized that for "a lot of guys" this surely must be true. Sad.



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GIqSnWaDsEx179 KB918x1311walburga.jpg
>It seems Walpurga herself was a great health advocate who protected people from rabies, pestilence and all sorts of diseases. She was not so different from the witches at Hexennacht. The two festivals were probably a bit interchangeable and may have coexisted side by side. Some Scandinavian stories even describe Walpurga as a type of Valkyrie, and have her joining Odin in his ‘wild hunt’ through the sky.

>However, in around the sixteenth century, when the Church decided to go crazy with witch hunts, they created a new legend and apparently appointed Walpurga as their guard dog against witches. The wise-women who had called for land blessings now suddenly became suspect, as the Church linked them to the devil and Satanic myths. And of course, Walpurga’s feast day “just happened” to correspond to Hexennacht. The lines between good and evil were clearly plotted. Traditional bonfires became a tool to ward off ‘demonic’ witches. People were encouraged to fear, rather than embrace, the other-world and the lifting of the veils.

>In later years, Saint Walpurga’s Night became known as “Walpurgis Night”, inextricably bound to evil and chaos.


...and then she turned into a witch nemesis for today's magical girls.
Walpurigis Night is the real Halloween or what? Or are there two thinnings of the veil throughout the year?
I must say I have never encountered anything particular spooky or out of the ordinary on halloween or walpurgis night. There are a lot of reports of paranormal happenings, spooks etc but they all occur at random times throughout the year. I have yet to find solid proof that the worlds merge on those two special dates because nothing happens on those times. What a great lifting/thinning of the veil that is man...one may come to the conclusion that the veil is the strongest on halloween and walpurgis night because of the crazy amount of absolutely nothing that happens on those nights. If those are times for worlds to merge and spirits to come to us, wouldn't you think more stuff would be reported to happen? So I am really sceptical about this "other world" and "lifting of the veil" crap. I myself have encountered more spooky events during random midsummer times than those two dates.

GIqSnWaDsEx203 KB1434x858christian-satanism.png
Lutherans infiltrating /fringe/, or satanists running christian boards? What's really going on over at mewch/fringe/ seems like just the (nose)tip of the iceberg.