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「Telepathic meguca egregore creation thread」

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We may as well get started. Visualize a place like the one in this pic. It's not a physical place, but it has similar characteristics.

It's far off into the wilderness, on the other side of a stream. You have your back against a rocky hill, and further back behind you are mountains and permafrost. It's a safe place.

The tent is dark inside but rather warm, sunlight shines in through the opening, and if another person entered, you would be able to see their shape as a shadow, but you would have to rely on their voice and movements to identify them, their faces are not visible.

If you were to take a stroll outside you'd find pine trees and dry ground where only low bushes grow, maybe some rare flowers and herbs.

This is where we meet.
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I think the things I make require too high of a standard on the user.

I wanted to create something that is all connected to each other so that the need for context could be solved fluidly. Giving each person an anchor to work and play with, but I realize to actually transfer it would be a spell on it's own. The shit I make is starting to become so dense that it might take a couple of hours to form the whole structure, as I realized that these things actually require energy to be made.
>>5717082 #
I think the results were ok, given that it was a first try.
My wands have suffered as a result and I have to be careful when transfering them.

>>5717082 #
One of these days I'll finish that wand so that I can fuck with you when I transfer it. It's turning out to be way too complex, and way too useful to use as a joke. Useful in the sense that it has a lot of knowledge potential, and I'm not trying to make anything that make hurt.
>>5714110 #
>I'm much more willing to participate now that Mr. Hobbit is there, otherwise I have to work with a constantly changing and logically inconsistent mind of an egregore. Now it's just trying to work with the mind of a Hobbit along with the logically inconsistent minds of others.
For those who have the god particle there should already be a basic stability of thought. But there are also many anons here who don't have it, they will still be restricted by us. This is the meguca egregore itself we are working to change into a functional astral entity as well as a physical, so that it may remain independently of the actual physicality, i.e the website.
In some way this is a fulfillment of the idea of the promised chan, the afterlife of shitposting, since theoretically an anon's spirit could remain on it after death if there was no better choice. I don't see this as a bad idea either, since it may work.
This is already a hub of certain significance and influence, it's a good place to start. But it's important that this is the creation of anons here and not something I take charge of, or any one individual for that matter, it needs to maintain the collectiveness of imageboards.
>>5719382 #
>>5718541 #
>anons create an astral locus for afterlife shitposting
What a time to be alive.


「Comfy vampire thread」

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Links to archive of old threads:
Previous thread: https://mewch.net/fringe/res/2952.html

Alright, I'm creating a vampire thread. I can't stand not having one. I'm Ouroboros 4 anon from the mewch one.

See. I'm freaking out a bit. My body is changing. Slower heart rate, faster recovery. Eat little and feel fine. Moving towards my ideal weight after years of being on the fat and soft side. Not losing even a bit of muscle on a sometimes ridiculously low calorie fruit diet. Shit gloriously every day... Magic also getting better every day, manifesting left and right as if overdosed on ormus. But I don't buy into the whole immortal vampire shit because it's statistically infinitely (literally) much more probable that I'm developing some sort of hormonal, metabolic and/or heart disorder. Although the doctor says I'm OK, all the changes I'm going through are just too many, too fast.
I'm freaking the fuck out. I'm actually scared my body will just suddenly crap out on me and I'll die on the spot. Like, my heart will give up or something.

I anybody has experienced anything similar, I need to hear about it. Someone said on the other thread here that they did go through some shit but didn't want to talk about it, that OP was understating things. I need to make sense of this. I just realized I'm bordering on an identity crisis of major proportions. I'm doing to well and everything is getting better and better too fast.
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>>5718587 #
hey my man if you could give me confirmation bias that would be aweasome too :)
>>5719795 #
Shouldn't the individual clearly KNOW they're through instead of asking constantly if they are?
Update on >>5719147 #
So in this full moon day i really got to see what has been in front of me for the longest
i was walking home and realised i was evading filth on the path i had been tracing, so on instinct i just started walking in it, as if a conscious/unconscious connection was being made for me but i ignored it and started evading it again, as i saw what would be something "dangerous in the path that scared me". So after some walk i look to the road on the side and see this scene: a violet car leading the way, while a Red car followed it, followed by a White car and another red car my dudes. im gonna check the older thread and try to get a better idea of what the fuck this measn
>>5719834 #
>>5719795 #
also after i ignored the "dangerous thing in the path that scared me" the motherfucking dangerous problem tripled itself and try to get a piece of me...


「Insane Man's Sigil collection」

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If any of you wish to discuss with me my sigils, feel free to do so. Each one represents a solution to a problem that I've perceived in this world. Fair warning: some of these sigils are literal spells. The ones that are behind spoilers, I would suggest you not open unless you're ready to accept or view a spell.
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>>5680983 #
Not this actual place, but something like this.
Curious, have you come across this before?:
Visiting gives me a kind of lead taste in my mouth (done solder work sometimes, why I'd recognize it, kind of like iron but without the bright parts)
Doesn't feel like they'd have healthy intentions.
Is that related to the thread, or are you posting it here because this thread seems to be a hub rather than for a set topic? I wouldn't go to that website, since it seems to follow the, "it's socially and morally wrong to not kill those who are too blind to see," type morality.

>>5628617 #
It's a fine time of day, an excellent fruit, and a somewhat narrow band in a rainbow.
>>5628627 #
>>5628622 #
Fair enough, see you in meadhall.
>>5628625 #
Alright then. Long live the orange. Good night anon.
GIqSnWaDs811 KB355x3551535930489474.gif
This session had twice as many trials as the previous ones I actually tallied and the results were breddy good without going into precise details.
Hello anon. Frogger here.
Next time you do this, feel free to use the visualization from here
>>5681063 #
to help stabilize the egregore.
The idea is that it will be easier to communicate if you all imagine yourself as physically in the same place, then you won't have to connect for each message.


「Meta thread」

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Not what it sounds like.
This is for discussing anything relating to the path with an overview. Throw it all in here so everyone can get started.

Maybe this will be the starting point of a journey leading away from here, into a different reality.
>The Black Court, Temple Of Maergzjirah

>During the 1100's A.D., the first blood pact was made between the Drujziya family and The Black God, Cernobog in Veszprém, Hungary. Through this, the Archdemon joined his blood with the gypsy tribe's, thus leading to all and their progeny to be born with an (un)natural affinity for magick and the black arts. In 1436, at the hands of the Fra Giacomo and the Inquisition of Hungary, nearly every last gypsy of the Drujziya tribe was slaughtered. Those who survived abandoned their heritage and adopted a new persona and lifestyle, blending back into the social weave. Sybastien Drujziya, our patriarch, was visited by Cernobog in the winter of 1436. The Black God formed a second blood pact with Sybastien; granting an aspect of his infernal divinity. In return, a Cabal would be founded, a movement made, and all enemies of the Cabal would be decimated. Thus came the Maergzjiran Cabal from the fires of Hell, Maergzjirah; the Underworld, Keraktes; and the plane of shadow, L'Oirna Isto.

>We are an ever-expanding, studious order of Sorcerers and Sorceresses from a wide array of spiritual backgrounds and scholarship. Our mission is to destroy ignorance of the arcane, venture further into the occult so as to learn its most intimate secrets, and to reach our apotheosis: perfection and power absolute of the soul. Godhood, Lichdom, Vampirism, Omniscience, and Immortality is not just a fantasy or a dream. For Disciples of the Cabal, it is merely a step along the grand journey into the multiverse. It is a reality for those who are diligent enough to remain focused and to always drive harder toward their goal when the world would otherwise crush the flame of their ambition.

Thread contains useful sigils and information on undead gods who may guide you. This is perhaps more important than you will think at first glance.
>>5667233 #
GIqSnWaDsEx17 KB250x189sig-laby06.jpg
>The Glastonbury Tor conspicuously rises from the middle of the wide and flat Somerset Levels in Somerset, England. The Tor (a Celtic word meaning ‘hill’) has been surrounded by myth and legend for hundreds of years, as evidenced by the many mysterious-sounding nicknames it has: Magic Mountain, Faeries’ Glass Hill, Spiral Castle, Grail Castle, and Land of the Dead, just to name a few.

This hill may be a map for a portal. Consider each universal level of the 7 major ones to have a portal and a way to enter, and this is possibly the manual for one of them, placed in full view in a public place.
>>5663836 #
>tradition not even 1000 years old
>some farmer witches make pact with random earth spirit
>le spooky archdemon God
>edgy murricans find out about "ancient" tradition and adopt it
>some terms borrowed from Dungeons and Dragons
The absolute state of humans, everybody, nya~


「Wand Path to immortality」

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GIqSnWaDsEx658 KB685x800being X.png

Members from this group may post on 8/fringe/ and 4/x/. Some may post vids on youtube. This is how the average occultist will come into contact with this path. Once again, having the telepathic ability is more or less required if you want to reach anywhere noticable here. You can probably do this from a "mundane" entry point as well, but imo it's probably more work. But that is up to you. To get in here, you need to be noticed. How you attract that attention is not important. Make yourself a name as a youtuber, start tripfagging, start writing occult books and get them printed, anything you can think of. If you have the right mindset and skill you will be seen and contacted.
Reaching enlightenment by this path seems extremely difficult. Obviously it can be done, because of the existence of "Artillery Mage", the one and only elder of this practice I've seen. But maybe I just lack the ability to contact any other, or they're keeping to themselves somewhere. The characteristics of this path is determined by its focus on Wands. While these are not physical wands when you get to that stage, you may actually start by using artifacts as a way of learning. The main idea here is the development of artifacts, eventually these take the form of concepts or mental objects, but their nature does not change. This in itself is pretty unique. To be able to produce an artifact which holds something of yourself, you need deep understanding of yourself. This is the total opposite of vampirism, which has a relatively low standard for each step. But the effect is completely different, and if you do succed here, what you reach will have a sharpness of perception which is hard to reach in any other way.
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I meant to say 24/7.
>>5569330 #
I'm not sure what you are commenting on, but in general, a trance state isn't necessary to perceive things around you. They're there, all the time, they're reality. I could say it like this, you are asking how to use your eyes and ears without entering a trance state. You don't have to focus on the impressions bombarding you every waking moment. It's not something watched like a vid on a screen or opening a paper, it's the world around you, an extra layer of vision.
Maybe it could be compared to those augmented reality glasses which are meant to add a layer of information to your everyday view; look at a street and you will see reviews of restuarants, places to hire, messages from people left in that place etc. Take the glasses off and you don't have access to it. That's where you are currently.
>>5569330 #
I'm in a constant and never ending half-trance.
GIqSnWaDsEx37 KB360x499Looks kinda familiar.jpg
I was thinking about that description of the place vaguely related to alchemy that guy was describing and then I found this picture. I thought someone might find it interesting.
>red snake coiling around a spike
>blue background
>sun emitting rays

>>5637986 #

What happens if you were left handed from birth? Are they doomed to a life as the sinister outsider from the start? Or were they altered in some way early on that caused the difference?
>>5265820 #
>>5265568 #
Everything from my name numerology, my birthday numerology, the mainstream traditions associated with my birthday, to the way my parents are and how my siblings turned out points to the nature of what my purpose in this life was. It just makes life harder, that's all.
>>5250420 #
He didn't mean the "Left Hand Path" at all, and neither is he simply stealing a lesson from jewish mysticism to be an edgelord. People misunderstood what's written in-between the writing of the OP. I don't think OP himself understands what he wrote but it's obvious he was just trying to incite a conversation on what he is currently going through. No one chooses their path, their path is given to them at birth. A lot of LARPers in this thread without an open mind tbh.
>>5321491 #
>>5321264 #
Strangely enough I was asking that question because I've always been troubled by stories of what happened to me when I got my first round of inoculations. I had a seizure on the right half of my body and a bad flu that eventually led to a lazy eye I had to correct later with surgery. My name also happens to stand for "right hand of God" so the idea I was somehow prevented from using my right half properly has always interested me.
I’m sorry I was an asshole the last time I posted here.
I’ve recently come to the idea that most self-proclaimed “left hand path” (this term is stolen from Hinduism where it means something very specific IIRC) currents are essentially gnostic.
But there are also gnostic tendencies in some archangel-based mysticism, and the more I look at the whole issue the more blurred the lines become. It doesn’t help that everyone uses the terminology of “god”, “soul” and especially “satan” (as “adversary”) the way they want and different uses are not consistent with each other.
I believe the essence is gnostic as it entails self-deification, freedom and emancipation, usually from some kind of demiurgic figure. In gnostic terms, Lucifer and Christ can be seen as aligned, which is why I say the distinctions become less apparent if you look closely.
And I think this is natural because we are not theologians, but practitioners, so we make a mess of terms because the academics of it are not important.

However, to anyone interested in LHP philosophy, I recommed looking into Gnosticism as well and Kristos Lucifer (in hyperborean gnosticism it’s Kristos Lucifer vs Satan Yahwe, as I said, terminology).



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GIqSnWaDsEx121 KB640x426bookshelf-1082309_640.jpg
Official /fringe/ library:

Huge occult PDF collection:

Liber Falxifer Book of the Left Handed Reaper:

Library genesis:

Feel free to add anything relevant, you can also post documents in the thread.
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>>5573108 #
From what I understand animals want to take the full body and kick out the human soul, so they wouldn't start ruining it with tumors. Those are probably just the manifestation of the spirits we call "illnesses" when left alone to do whatever they want. Creepy bastards.
>>5566242 #
We all are. That “book” tho is a bit of a mess. Who though it was a good idea to organize it like that?


「fringebay, the most patrician slowboard」

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Blood anon, I'm going to respectfully ask you to not litter Fringebay with meguca shilling, especially not by creating entire new threads just for it. The occasional shitpost in unrelated threads is OK, but behave yourself please.
>>5573213 #
>>5573213 #
I don't think it's ever late. That's not me, by the way. (I've tried lecturing him about this, too)
>>5574535 #
>>5573947 #
If you are the real owner and not Tipp, start by unlocking the ONA thread and allowing discussion again. We were using that thread, until he started shitting it up and then locking it for no other reason than his personal values.
>>5574603 #
>>5574535 #
Tipp’s in charge. Rest assured I’ve taken every opportunity to try and keep all kinds of discussion open, but in the end it’s his call if he wants to censor it so jealously (even if it’s essentially a death sentence for the site).
My main preoccupation is keeping unnecessary conflict from happening.
As for discussion of different topics, there’s here and 8ch as well, so it’s not that bad.

GIqSnWaDsEx40 KB524x524born to awoo.jpg
The screencap in this post here
>>>5065530 #
sums it up pretty well; the bible is a spell book, but most modern christians don't understand it and are afraid of using it.
Minor interest in it's system of doing things, and what it cultivates in a person. The moral side of it is also intriguing, but less than the utility. I would be a Christian, but I'm too technical to go deep into faith.


「Saturn and prehistory」

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GIqSnWaDsEx24 KB474x602sailor-saturn-sailor-moon.jpg
You may have heard of the ancient greek view of history, which said we are living in the iron age, the age of war. Before us was the bronze age, the age of heroes like Achilles and Hercules. Before that was the silver age and the golden age.
Going even furter back was the original age, possibly what gave rise to the idea of Eden.

This website gives a speculative overview of general myths concerning this:
31 posts and 8 images omitted See all>>5530726 #
>>5529779 #
The way you said that about the symbology and getting around it made me think. The names don't need to align with the individual entities. They are more like energies that compose everything. The correspondence between the Sun, Saturn, Lucifer and whomever don't need to be unequivocal, they can be mixed, or represent only certain aspects of the myths, certain functions of the entities. Verbs instead of nouns. Colors, frequencies, instead of objects. This is one of the realizations that make most people stumble when trying to sort out identities in the greater reality after all. It should apply always. I'm not explaining myself very well, I know.
Joe March in his deleted channel once recounted how Ishtar, I think, explained to him how entities are not individuals, but more like colors that mix in different places at different times. Same with human souls. And that one could imagine the traits in common between two people or two entities to be the same color, and in fact in those parts those two individuals would be the same individual. Individuality is an illusion. Damn, this is hard to explain. Ishtar also said this was an approximation and that he wouldn't be able to fully understand it anyway. I could try to explain it better but I can't find the right words at the moment. Anybody who has this gnosis knows exactly what I'm talking about I suppose.
>>5530122 #
>>5530104 #
I think you're pretty good at explaining things. Not everything has be able to be understood by the common man.
>>5511709 #
I finished reading the Saturn Death Cult series, and while it is thought provoking and, as the author says, basically a long pub rant of sorts, I find one important piece of the puzzle missing. There is no mention of supernatural influence or opportunism in the story, and this is a very important leitmotif in human history. Perhaps the author simply doesn't believe in the supernormal. Or maybe it isn't relevant to what he wants to convey, which is, after all, an overview of history as it happened, not why it happened.
It depressed me, to be honest. What a fucked up existence is humanity's.
Oh, something else. The author of the blog seems to think Donald Trump is somehow a force to bring down the international clique that has had the world under financial control since basically forever, but he doesn't seem to understand the dynamics he himself explains to us in the Saturn Death Cult series. It is much more logical to think that Trump is part of the plan, as has been almost everything before him. The Illuminated Ones are preparing their way forward in order to survive the inevitable death of their current host, which is the current financial banking system. I would've liked to read something about cryptocurrencies, for instance, as see if he thinks they are somehow the shape that the new form of slave control will take.
Sorry for the triple post. I don't want to end up like that other guy in this board who posts a thousand separate posts per thread, but I just had another idea pop into my head. An experienced magician with first hand experience with this "Saturn Death Cult" once explained to me that these people have relied so much on trauma-based sorcery and demonic sacrifices that they are increasingly cut off from divinity (I assume by the traumatic nature of their horrific rituals, as per the psychological model of how magic works, their subconscious and emotions are two blocked off) and their magic almost noneffective, meaning they need to get more extreme in their practices to have an effect (this is why they end up doing things like Las Vegas, I assume) in a spiral kind of way.
If there was such a thing as a College of Magical Studies (a man can dream), I think it would be interesting to write a master's thesis on how the imbalanced pursue of power through magic can lead to such a situation. It would need to touch on the nature of the spirit/soul ensemble and the underpinning mechanisms of manifestation, as well as the nature and relationships of spiritual entities. It would be one hell of a volume.



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GIqSnWaDsEx179 KB918x1311walburga.jpg
>It seems Walpurga herself was a great health advocate who protected people from rabies, pestilence and all sorts of diseases. She was not so different from the witches at Hexennacht. The two festivals were probably a bit interchangeable and may have coexisted side by side. Some Scandinavian stories even describe Walpurga as a type of Valkyrie, and have her joining Odin in his ‘wild hunt’ through the sky.

>However, in around the sixteenth century, when the Church decided to go crazy with witch hunts, they created a new legend and apparently appointed Walpurga as their guard dog against witches. The wise-women who had called for land blessings now suddenly became suspect, as the Church linked them to the devil and Satanic myths. And of course, Walpurga’s feast day “just happened” to correspond to Hexennacht. The lines between good and evil were clearly plotted. Traditional bonfires became a tool to ward off ‘demonic’ witches. People were encouraged to fear, rather than embrace, the other-world and the lifting of the veils.

>In later years, Saint Walpurga’s Night became known as “Walpurgis Night”, inextricably bound to evil and chaos.


...and then she turned into a witch nemesis for today's magical girls.
Walpurigis Night is the real Halloween or what? Or are there two thinnings of the veil throughout the year?
I must say I have never encountered anything particular spooky or out of the ordinary on halloween or walpurgis night. There are a lot of reports of paranormal happenings, spooks etc but they all occur at random times throughout the year. I have yet to find solid proof that the worlds merge on those two special dates because nothing happens on those times. What a great lifting/thinning of the veil that is man...one may come to the conclusion that the veil is the strongest on halloween and walpurgis night because of the crazy amount of absolutely nothing that happens on those nights. If those are times for worlds to merge and spirits to come to us, wouldn't you think more stuff would be reported to happen? So I am really sceptical about this "other world" and "lifting of the veil" crap. I myself have encountered more spooky events during random midsummer times than those two dates.

>>4923168 #
Bible Study
40 mins 9:00 AM CST (3PM UTC)
Apostles Creed
Our Father/Lords Prayer
2 Kings 7-9
Avoiding Impurity Ascension Presents
Randy Newman - He Gives Us All His Love
James 3-4, Daily Reading USCCB
Daily Reading Reflection USCCB
Sister Cristina & the Current Church Crisis by Sensus Fidelium
Vince Gill - Go Rest High On That Mountain
2 Kings 10-12
Our Father/Lords Prayer

Bengel's Gnomon of the NT, Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary, Keil and Delitzsch OT Commentary, Thomas Aquinas and Tyndale.
- http://ccc.usccb.org/cccradio/NABPodcasts/18_12_30.mp3 Daily Reading USCCB
- [YouTube] ??? Daily Reading Reflection USCCB
- [YouTube] ??? Avoiding Impurity Ascension Presents
- [YouTube] ??? Sister Cristina & the Current Church Crisis by Sensus Fidelium
- [YouTube] ??? Randy Newman - He Gives Us All His Love
- [YouTube] ??? Vince Gill - Go Rest High On That Mountain

>>5406610 #
Not my voice
>>4923168 #
Bible Study
15 mins 9:00 PM CST (3AM UTC)
Apostles Creed
Our Father/Lords Prayer
2 Kings 13-14, 1 Peter 1-2
Hope for a Wounded World - Archbishop Fulton Sheen pt 1
James 5, Acts 15, Daily Reading USCCB
Daily Reading Reflection USCCB
Hope for a Wounded World - Archbishop Fulton Sheen pt 2
Jonah 1-4, Mark 16
Our Father/Lords Prayer

Bengel's Gnomon of the NT, Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary, Keil and Delitzsch OT Commentary, Thomas Aquinas and Tyndale.
- http://ccc.usccb.org/cccradio/NABPodcasts/18_12_31.mp3 Daily Reading USCCB
- [YouTube] ??? Daily Reading Reflection USCCB
- [YouTube] ??? Hope for a Wounded World - Archbishop Fulton Sheen

>>4923168 #
Bible Study
~20 mins 8:00 PM CST (2AM UTC)
Apostles Creed
Our Father/Lords Prayer
Amos 1-3
Curtis Mayfield & The Impressions - People Get Ready (1965)
1 Peter 3-4
"Signs Of Our Times": Ven. Fulton Sheen on Anti-Christ & Crisis in the Church & Society (1947)
Amos 4-6, Daily Reading USCCB
Daily Reading Reflection USCCB
Janis Ian - He's a Rainbow
Galatians 1
Our Father/Lords Prayer

Bengel's Gnomon of the NT, Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary, Keil and Delitzsch OT Commentary, Thomas Aquinas and Tyndale.
- http://ccc.usccb.org/cccradio/NABPodcasts/19_01_01.mp3 Daily Reading USCCB
- [YouTube] ??? Daily Reading Reflection USCCB
- [YouTube] ??? Curtis Mayfield & The Impressions - People Get Ready (1965)
- [YouTube] ??? "Signs Of Our Times": Ven. Fulton Sheen on Anti-Christ & Crisis in the Church & Society (1947)
- [YouTube] ??? Janis Ian - He's a Rainbow

>>4923168 #
Bible Study
~1 hr 4:30 PM CST (10:30PM UTC)
Apostles Creed
Our Father/Lord Prayer
Amos 7-9, 1 Peter 5
Why Confess My Sins to a Priest? by Ascension Presents
Judee Sill - The Donor - Heart Food
Galatians 2-3, Daily Reading USCCB
Daily Reading Reflection USCCB
Read Scripture: 1 Peter
Lord of Patience by Shai Linne
2 Kings 15-16, 2 Peter 1
Our Father/Lords Prayer

Bengel's Gnomon of the NT, Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary, Keil and Delitzsch OT Commentary, Thomas Aquinas and Tyndale.
- http://ccc.usccb.org/cccradio/NABPodcasts/19_01_02.mp3 Daily Reading USCCB
- [YouTube] ??? Daily Reading Reflection USCCB
- [YouTube] ??? Why Confess My Sins to a Priest? by Ascension Presents
- https://thebibleproject.com/explore/1-peter/ Read Scripture: 1 Peter
- [YouTube] ??? Judee Sill - The Donor - Heart Food
- [YouTube] ??? Lord of Patience by Shai Linne

>>4923168 #
Bible Study
~1 hr 4:30 PM CST (10:30PM UTC)
Apostles Creed
Lords Prayer/Our Father
2 Peter 2, 2 Kings 17-18, Daily Reading USCCB
Daily Reading Reflection USCCB
Invoking the Holy Name of Jesus by Sensus Fidelium
Oh Well Fleetwood Mac
2 Peter 3, Galatians 4-5
Read Scripture: 2 Peter by The Bible Project
I Think He's Hiding by Randy Newman
Luke 1, 2 Kings 19-21
Lords Prayer/Our Father

Bengel's Gnomon of the NT, Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary, Keil and Delitzsch OT Commentary, Thomas Aquinas and Tyndale.
- http://ccc.usccb.org/cccradio/NABPodcasts/19_01_03.mp3 Daily Reading USCCB
- [YouTube] ??? Daily Reading Reflection USCCB
- https://thebibleproject.com/explore/2-peter/ Read Scripture: 2 Peter by The Bible Project
- [YouTube] ??? Invoking the Holy Name of Jesus by Sensus Fidelium
- [YouTube] ??? Oh Well Fleetwood Mac
- [YouTube] ??? I Think He's Hiding by Randy Newman


GIqSnWaDsEx203 KB1434x858christian-satanism.png
Lutherans infiltrating /fringe/, or satanists running christian boards? What's really going on over at mewch/fringe/ seems like just the (nose)tip of the iceberg.
>>5568553 #
>>5415498 #
This plays into the bigger picture where the US side never considered the cold war to have ended. They're still at it and Russia/soviet union believing it ended has merely been a used as a ruse by the USA.
GIqSnWaDsEx2.8 MB4457x2488download.jpg
>>5415520 #
No, the film is just trying to convey the fact that as a society decays, its beliefs and indeed its science, adapt to that reality. Cooper hasn't yet let go of the past times of greatness while the other two have embraced the newly forming statu quo. The scientific establishment is not impartial, but it always believes it is. Whether or not the Moon landing pictures were faked is irrelevant to this particular scene.
If you want to talk about Moon landing fakery, I believe given the evidence available, that the public landings were fake and much of the news about space exploration are heavily redacted. If nothing else because these are sensitive matters to any country, not necessarily because they are doing otherworldy extraordinary things (they probably are). Even with current consumer technology this would be relatively easy to do. Much easier than in the times of the landings.



「Megu/fringe/ OC」

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To make this place special and comfy, let's cement this board's culture by creating some OC, memes and other things.

Why don't we use Alissa as the board-tan?
This should make it easier for her to protect the place as well as making it stand out as a little different from the other boards.
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Blood anon I'm so sick of being manipulated by your expertly crafted LARP.
I fail to see Alissa as the spell itself, so I don't see any kind of phoenix aspect in her. She's more like the clueless girl that asks about everything and anything with genuine curiosity.
>>5365683 #
Spoken by me, that which is not Blood-anon, that is so.
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