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「vampire immortality update /ancap edition/」

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This thread is for discussing vampire immortality and to discuss what changes or experiences you are going through.

I have been getting more heightened spiritual abilities, i can also pick up on peoples thoughts and intentions much easier now. doing daily exercises .and my body is slowly making me immune to most ailments. i now see why blood anon says it takes 7 years to heal everything. also im working daily with belnara and zazazel, astrael, king paimon, uriel, michael rapheal, anael, and just started started to work with asteroth.
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But to add something "vampiric": I had this small project that I called energy well and it consisted of using an octagram with a few other shapes intertwined withing that resonated with me and made the construct the well it is. The purpose it constant generation of energy. Combined with a link to the void, it created a very interesting result. The effects are really felt when the senses are opened. If I hold my hand above the well, I can feel the energy rising like a beam. The energy is pure and can be transformed to ones desire. This also assists in various rituals or gate openings. You can, for example, open a gateway to a target by breaking the veil with amassed energy from the well and drain him. You can also enter the mind if said target is not protected and manipulate memories or even implement false informations. The possibilities are endless.
My construction went like this: Clear white piece of paper. Enhance and enchant properties of water (preferably in a container you use for similar purposes) so that it resonated with prefered energy (void in my case). Wet the paper completely in the water and let it dry with weight on it so that it remains at least a little bit flat. Perfection is not a key here, but try to do it as best as possible. Then draw an Octagon in the middle (I drew 2 because I like the 2 lines make a wall concept). Use sizes and lengths that feel comfortable to you, but keep in mind the paper square's size. After that, draw the octagram around it. The picture again shows how I drew mine. Be patient while constructing this and always focus on your intent and purpose of this construction. After that I added a few extras like 8 triangles underneath the octagram that overlap each other and protude from the vertices of the octagon. Just to clarify things, 8 is, at least for me any my guides, a very strong number indicating creation, destruction and eternity. Let the construct rest and then experiment with it.
GYdIqSnWaDsEx45 KB768x768octagram.png
Of course, this is not mandatory for draining people or opening gateways, but it has proven it's potency as a magickal supplement and tool. Numbers, geometry and colors play a very important role in magick. They all create certain energies, paths, vibrations etc. that amplify your energy and create cracks in the veil. Again, the mind matters the most and you could also visualize everything, but try that while concentrating on your intent. Not possible, except if you are proficient in splitting your mind.
Sorry for the post spam but I forgot something "important" or helpful. If you want to activate the well, simply visualite the octagon and it's interior sinking into and through the fabrics of reality into the desired energy or place. For the void, I visualize a black "hole" going down and then there are a bunch of stars and an ocean like ground.
>>6801962 #
I've been thinking about the cup analogy. My result is such: "be the water in the cup, attain by not having."
Another update. Out of nowhere toads keep spawning in my yard. It's completely isolated with a wall, but somehow these giant toads appear.


「Pre-emptive meguca defense thread」

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Something is happening, and it's hostile. Don't be fooled by the seeming calm. Mewch was taken down after a period of christcuck shilling of the lutheran type. But the very first signs were the arrival of the anti-christian conspiracy theorist and general spam unrelated to the board topic.

Don't let the divide & conquer tactics gain them a foothold here.
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I don't like the webring. I see it as a temporary thing, it's like connecting a sewer pipe to a pleasant garden.


「Meguca telepathic egregore and deposit #2」

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The camp has been set up. It's well guarded by sentries from the goblin army. As in this image, the tent feels larger and brighter than before.
Looking around, are you able to see other anons clearer than before?
There are some interesting artifacts in the box. It's been shown that anons next door used them unknowingly, which shows how well integrated and seamless the egregore is. It's now unavoidable that your interaction here will have effects beyond the ordinary.
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One anon reported being told by one of them that they think humans are creating trouble for themselves, and it doesn't cost them anything so they sometimes help people ease their suffering. This was from the enlightenment level of this anon so the motivation may be somewhat more complex than that.
>>6804189 #
More cookie-cutter LHP "temples", nice. Take some basic meditation and energy work, add a couple of ancient gods, a bunch of egregores, some generic variations of hermetic/kabbalah rituals and voila, you got yourself a "current".
>>6804300 #
>>6804280 #
If you search online for people basing their methods on the qliphoth, there are only two of them available openly. This one, "temple of ascending flame" founded by Asenath Mason and "dragon rouge" by Thomas Karlsson. Those seem like the only active authors as well. If you disregard the obvious ones who blew their credibility long ago. No names mentioned.
>>6804350 #
Harmless, except for a slight need for the creation of fame. I'm not, at the present moment, interested in looking too deep into things that will only cause me more suffering.
GYdIqSnWaDsEx452 KB626x746kitten.png
>>6804300 #
The Qlippoth is derivative and unoriginal. Frankly weak compared to what we can achieve here, and very very different. Contact me telepathically for more details.



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Official /fringe/ library:

Huge occult PDF collection:

Liber Falxifer Book of the Left Handed Reaper:

Library genesis:

Feel free to add anything relevant, you can also post documents in the thread.
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Here is the pdf for the lazy ones. I just finished the book and especially towards the end it indeed has some striking similarities with what blood anon was talking about. Upon Gnosis you break free from the control of the demiurge, your spirit fuses with your soul and body, you'll be immortal and outside of karma and the matrix laws. Very interesting, there are some other similarities too. I liked the book a lot actually, it's Here is the pdf for the lazy ones. I just finished the book and especially towards the end it indeed has some striking similarities with what blood anon was talking about. Upon Gnosis you break free from the control of the demiurge, your spirit fuses with your soul and body, you'll be immortal and outside of karma and the matrix laws. Very interesting, there are some other similarities too. I liked the book a lot actually, it's worth a read. It resonated with me. If this is indeed what blood anon is talking about then it makes some more sense...albeit still not all questions are answered of course. But we'll get thereHere is the pdf for the lazy ones. I just finished the book and especially towards the end it Here is the pdf for the lazy ones. I just finished the book and especially towards the end it indeed has some striking similarities with what blood anon was talking about. Upon Gnosis you break free from the control of the demiurge, your spirit fuses with your soul and body, you'll be immortal and outside of karma and the matrix laws. Very interesting, there are some other similarities too. I liked the book a lot actually, it's worth a read. It resonated with me. If this is indeed what blood anon is talking about then it makes some more sense...albeit still not all questions are answered of course. But we'll get thereindeed has some striking similarities with what blood anon was talking about. Upon Gnosis you break free from the control of the demiurge, your spirit fuses with your soul and body, you'll be immortal and outside of karma an
>>6497226 #
>>6497191 #
i'm so sorry i don't know how to delete it i don't know how it happened


「Hidden Wisdom and knowledge」

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This thread is for sharing, all occult and hidden wisdom of any kind. The owl is the symbol of all things hidden, especially in the dark. With secrecy you gain power over mundanes, but we are at a time where knowledge and wisdom is getting more widespread and shared around. Which this thread is the main hub for that wisdom.

Here you post your inner wisdom and knowledge, about any topic you feel guided to post about.
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Some people only inhabit the levels of hell. This is the levels of desires, wants, and needs. Needs interacts with the 1D layer, the layer of insects. These people are little better than apes. The only thing they have going for them is that they're inhabiting a human body. People can get like this when they disconnect from their protective deities.
>>6771174 #
I want to add more to that. There are 3 very important aspects of yourself that should be trained. First there is the mind. Developing a calm mind through meditation will grant you more intelligence, wisdom, overall power and much more. With the mind groomed for magickal operations and free of all the poison that mundane life injects into it, the body should be honed and trained. Good or normal physical condition is important for general well being and confidence, while charging and directing energy through the body is important to make it more resonant and in some cases "immune" or inverse to specific energies. When mind and body are aligned and in a rather good shape, the spirit has place to grow. This can be boosted with meditation, energy manipulation of any kind and general magickal practices. By allowing the spirit to grow, gifts start to form and the power of the soul intensifies, making manifestations of any kind easier. Working with entities that support your ascent is more than beneficial and will enhance everything.

This chain can go on, but I wanted to share these 3 "steps" just so this thread gets fed with information.
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What you focus on grows. Nothing has power over you unless you give it that power.
Have some pride for who you are. Humility is the pride of being none without being none.
Either way, we are all one. Karma reads intent and what you do to others will be done to you.
Smile more, life's not to be taken seriously. :)
I had a vision when I I looked into the cave of a barefoot, iron sword carrying man walking in snow.
Suffering is the ability to get what you want.


「Swole Gains Immortal Edition」

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This thread is here to discuss fitness, health, getting swole, diet/food and overall betterment of life. Also conditioning your body an mind both mentally and physically.

I'm gonna share my daily betterment routine, which I do as often as I can.
>When I wake up, I eat breakfast mostly cereal with 3 fruits or more cut into the mix. Then I go for a 30min-60min run in the mountain. When I come back I jump in the lake for a quick wash. Then I work for some hours on my land or do some creative things.
then I eat dinner consisting mostly of vegetables and beans and rice or spaghetti as side dish. I cut one whole onion into squares and add that after cooking my food for testosterone boost. I also sometimes make testosterone tea, consisting of pine bark, pine needles, bromble leaves, lavender, and other wild herbs. At around after noon when I have done all the work for the day. I then start exercising, doing 400pushups, 100 squats, 100 back ups, and 40pullups, plus 100 situps. These get easier with time thats why im up to 400 pushups atm. I started with hundred. Then I use the last hours to meditate or do magick, or chill out. Visit the egregore or work with spirits. Also I drink around 2-4 liters of water a day to stay hydrated. Sometimes more or less.
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Ancap anon
>>6514245 #
I actually gained more muscle mass doing more pushups, a big noticeable difference with higher reps. But you gave me some good ideas to include new moves. Just to clarify when I do pushups I do 100 set of 3 different kind. First is normal pushups, second is side to side pushups, last is diamond pushups.
Will experiment with new things to add now. Also I used to do chintras conditioning and iron body training, but haven't done that in over 4 months now. Might start again. I were able to punch trees before.
Yo >>6513269 #
You should add pullups to this routine :)
I do OMAD and I usually jog and do sprints.
It's been a month off gym, now I just do pullups, dips, horse stance and muscle ups.
Diet is mostly anything i cook on my own, i rarely eat out.
I'm still in the process of 'waking' so I try to meditate as much as possible while retaining a relaxed outlook on life.
I write poetry and raps and I want to do my best to better humanity.
My current goal is to have a kundalini awakening.
How do y'all manage to do all this? Do you work jobs?
>>6591511 #
ancap anon
>>6519987 #
life brings you everything you need when you reach a certain level of awareness, the higher your consciousness and awareness the less you have to work hard to get what you need. everything just start flowing your way more easily, most struggles you face are from your own beliefs and limitations you have set on yourself. to have more time i recommend figuring a way to make more passive income in your life so you can get money while you do what you like. Or get together with people and start a business like i´m doing. i followed my heart and the synchronicitys life sent me, and that have made me almost self sustainable, and i´m still improving everyday to make life more easy. of course also do ritual magick to improve your situation or talk to different spirits to help you on the way. I have to give a BIG super thank you to all the spirits which have helped me get to where i am now. i had many struggles and was homeless for over half a year while looking for land . but the universe always provided for me what ever i needed. the universe wants everybody to be happy, its only earths religions governments and control freaks that want you in poverty and suffering always remember that.
[YouTube] ???
do more pullups. pushups are actually pretty lame but you can keep them in your routine to an extent just for the sake of keeping up appearances. kettlebell swings are good for lower body since they use more posterior chain. bodyweight squats don't do much so you'll want to start doing them one legged unless you wanna do hundreds of reps, which is silly.
with a kettlebell you can also do other neat things like turkish get-ups, overhead presses, curls, etc, which can replace lame pushups to an extent.
a pullup bar and kettlebell are pretty much all you need. make sure you do plenty of abs too.


「This website is likely a NATO psychological warfare operation」

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Here are some basic facts I'd like to introduce to you.

1. The anime industry, and related phenomena were and are in-part creations of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and U.S. Army and are the result of decades of intense post-war cultural conditioning in Japan. Japan is the Pentagon's personal experiment-nation, essentially. The infamous SEGA corporation, for example, was founded by Jewish U.S. military operatives.

2. The Western anime "community", "fandom", or to be more accurate, subcult, is ESPECIALLY, a complete creation of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and U.S. Department of Defense. Companies such as Funimation function as CIA front companies. The founder of Funimation is a first-generation CIA operative who worked for IBM. CIA operatives are usually deeply embedded in technological companies such as IBM or Dell. Examples include Edward Snowden and Alex Jones' half-Asian female cousin. Many Western anime voice actors are in fact deep-cover U.S. military intelligence operatives such as Irish lesbian Maile Flanagan (voice of Naruto) and the half-Korean Johnny Yong Bosch.

Anime online communities are likewise controlled by NATO militaries and intelligence services. Examples include popular anime cover-artist and second-generation U.S. Army operative "NateWantsToBattle" (which means all those he associates with, including "AmaLee" are likewise CIA/DoD operatives) and popular anime reviewer/critic "Gigguk" who had formerly a job with the BBC. Journalism is a frequent cover for intelligence operatives. The BBC itself has, for most of its existence, been screened by MI5 and BBC journalists were frequently picked by MI5/MI6 during the Cold War. I see no reason to believe this changed.

3. And most importantly, the neo-Nazi/Hitler subcult (represented by /pol/) is a decades-long NATO psychological warfare operation conduced by mainly the allied armies of the U.S. and U.K. and to a lesser extent Soviet Union/Russian Federation and Israel.
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GYdIqSnWaDsEx15 KB331x445Jim_PR_2010.jpg
Jim Marrs, born James Farrell Marrs Jr. (December 5, 1943 – August 2, 2017), was an American newspaper journalist and New York Times best-selling author of books and articles on a wide range of alleged cover-ups and conspiracies.[1] Marrs was a prominent figure in the JFK assassination conspiracy theories community and his book Crossfire was a source for Oliver Stone's film JFK. He wrote books asserting the existence of government conspiracies regarding aliens, 9/11, telepathy, and secret societies. He began his career as a news reporter in the Dallas–Fort Worth–Arlington metroplex and taught a class on the assassination of John F. Kennedy at University of Texas at Arlington for 30 years.[2] Marrs was a member of the Scholars for 9/11 Truth.[3]

A native of Fort Worth, Texas, Marrs earned a B.A. in journalism from the University of North Texas in 1966 and completed graduate work at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas from 1967 to 1968. Beginning in college, he worked as a reporter, cartoonist, and photographer for several Texas newspapers, including the Denton Record-Chronicle, Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, and Lubbock Sentinel. In 1968, he took a position with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, where he served as police reporter and general assignment reporter covering stories locally, in Europe, and in the Middle East. From 1969 to 1970, he concurrently served in a stateside United States Army Reserve intelligence unit (under the aegis of the Fourth Army) as a translator of French and German periodicals; when the Army offered to remedy a longstanding shoulder ailment prior to his scheduled mobilization or release him from his service obligation, he accepted the latter option.[4] He later became the newspaper's military and aerospace writer and an investigative reporter.

GYdIqSnWaDsEx4 KB144x160Ken_O'Keefe.jpg
Kenneth Nichols O'Keefe (born July 21, 1969[1]) is an American-Irish-Palestinian citizen and activist and former United States Marine and Gulf War veteran. In 2001 he set fire to his United States passport.[2][3][4] Subsequently, he led the human shield action to Iraq and was a passenger on the MV Mavi Marmara during the Gaza flotilla raid, where he helped in disarming two of the Israeli commandos who boarded the ship.[5] According to the Southern Poverty Law Center O'Keefe gives speeches to white supremacist groups and endorses David Duke.[6]

O'Keefe served as a United States Marine in the First Gulf War. According to his own website, he was discharged because he "spoke out openly about abuse of power by my 'superiors' and as a consequence I paid a heavy price. I realised that honour and integrity were virtues which are often punished rather than rewarded and the Marines supplied me with my first serious taste of injustice."[7][8]


GYdIqSnWaDsEx61 KB395x599Praemonitus_Praemunitus_-_The_Protocols_of_the_Wise_Men_of_Zion_-_The_Beckwith_Company_(1920).jpg
Harris Ayres Houghton (February 25, 1874 - September 2, 1946)[1] was a physician and member of the United States military intelligence community during and shortly after World War I. His fame, or rather infamy, is due to the anonymous translation and publication from the Russian language into the English language, of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion in the United States in 1920. The lead title he's responsible for producing is "Praemonitus Praemunitus."[2]

GYdIqSnWaDsEx22 KB386x258Mildred_Jeter_and_Richard_Loving.jpg
Loving v. Virginia, 388 U.S. 1 (1967),[1] was a landmark decision of the U.S. Supreme Court that struck down all state laws banning interracial marriage as violations of the Equal Protection and Due Process Clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.[2] The case was brought by Mildred Loving (née Jeter), a woman of color,[note 1] and Richard Loving, a white man, who had been sentenced to a year in prison in Virginia for marrying each other. Their marriage violated Virginia's Racial Integrity Act of 1924, which criminalized marriage between people classified as "white" and people classified as "colored".


Richard Perry Loving (October 29, 1933 – June 29, 1975) was a white man, and the son of Lola (Allen) Loving and Twillie Loving. He was a construction worker. The 1830 census marks Lewis Loving, Richard's paternal ancestor, as having owned seven slaves. Richard's grandfather, T.P. Farmer, fought for the Confederacy in the Civil War.[15]
>>6601922 #
This is probably true. I'm not sure it matters.
I've learned a lot from these places, on /pol/ and otherwise.
If the CIA is doing this, I think it's a good thing. Maybe they're /ourguys/, idk.


「Wands - sharing and discussion」

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GYdIqSnWa02:4212.8 MB1280x720SilencerCo_ The Wizard Staff.mp4
From SilencerCo.: The Wizard Staff has a unique CTA baffle stack consisting of 44 polished Mithril baffles designed for an infinite dB reduction of sound. The 36 inches of soundless magic is easily disassembled by even the most novice necromancer to provide full user serviceability. The ageless construction of rare and exotic materials makes the Wizard Staff indestructible. The eternal warranty ensures the Wizard Staff will last as long as any immortal being wielding this impressive firearm silencer.

Thank /a/ for the revival of this thread.
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I can't seem to choose what wands I make..
>Repost of the OP

Members from this group may post on 8/fringe/ and 4/x/. Some may post vids on youtube. This is how the average occultist will come into contact with this path. Once again, having the telepathic ability is more or less required if you want to reach anywhere noticable here. You can probably do this from a "mundane" entry point as well, but imo it's probably more work. But that is up to you. To get in here, you need to be noticed. How you attract that attention is not important. Make yourself a name as a youtuber, start tripfagging, start writing occult books and get them printed, anything you can think of. If you have the right mindset and skill you will be seen and contacted.
Reaching enlightenment by this path seems extremely difficult. Obviously it can be done, because of the existence of "Artillery Mage", the one and only elder of this practice I've seen. But maybe I just lack the ability to contact any other, or they're keeping to themselves somewhere. The characteristics of this path is determined by its focus on Wands. While these are not physical wands when you get to that stage, you may actually start by using artifacts as a way of learning. The main idea here is the development of artifacts, eventually these take the form of concepts or mental objects, but their nature does not change. This in itself is pretty unique. To be able to produce an artifact which holds something of yourself, you need deep understanding of yourself. This is the total opposite of vampirism, which has a relatively low standard for each step. But the effect is completely different, and if you do succed here, what you reach will have a sharpness of perception which is hard to reach in any other way.

Simple in theory, but very hard to succeed in, "The Library" or the "Wand Path" is the reason /fringe/ even became a thing. It's an organization and a conscious entity, what it really is, is a bit of a mystery. You can interact with its members, and you can interact with the library itself, but getting there is a pretty large step up from the mundane or neophyte level.
The available physical books may somehow touch on it, but never directly, you're supposed to just "get it" one day and turn your eyes in the right direction. That is the entry level test.

To my understanding, the library consists of two parts
>the physical members and their astral interface for communication (think telepathic fb)
>the entity here referred to as simply "the library", and the wizards working with it closely, in short referred to as librarians

The goal for anyone entering here, is to create "the ultimate wand", by which the wizard will achieve immortality and unlock their inner power, which will open possibilities for easy creation of any other wand.

What is a "wand"?

A wand can be physical, but the aim here is to move beyond the physcial and through energy manipulation create a wand which is directly linked to your mind, a mental construct. The process has some small similarity to the creation of servitors.
A wand consists of two parts; a handle or staff, and a knob, blade or other form with a function. The handle will ensure that any potentially harmful effect is placed at a distance from you, and aimed outward. The entire theory of wand creation is to suppress your surroundings, other people and the world, in the end even suppressing death by sheer force.
How to get started?

You are already on /fringe/, that's the first step. This step may continue endlessly unless you make some significant progress and discover something of the real reality behind the physical. Somewhere around there, you will be able to discern other people with a little more knowledge and ability. To the average wizard they're just the same as anyone else, most people can't tell reality from falsehood and will remain in discussions on the nature of entry level stuff. If you are able to choose who you interact with properly, and show that you do really "get it", you can advance, and bit by bit you will gain reputation and with that, open doors to the real stuff.

As long as someone is asking about basic, entry level things, repeating misconceptions, arguing violently to defend their armchair knowledge etc, they will not be given even a hint. More likely someone will throw a curse at them to see how they handle it.

This will NOT be a spoonfeeding thread. Everything you need to know has been explained in this post already, the rest is up to your own ability.
I will follow the "library" disposition here and answer questions if they are relevant and show that the poster did his homework.

>>6668659 #
It's a powerful force with a direction and penetrative ability as well as suppressing, and it's connecting to, or emerging from, a larger area behind V.K or an area he is himself progressing into and connecting to. It isn't harmful but I want to understand exactly what it does. It's somewhere in the middle grounds so I'm having problems seeing its effect, it's not direcly zero particle based, it's a bulkier structure.
>>6669217 #
>>6669216 #
If you want to figure out what it does, look at it longer.
It may simply be an advanced form of hypnosis. He's building up tension or expectation by saying everyone will get caught, then leaving the statement hanging. The speech also begins with a forceful "BUT" and he later repeats the forceful "b" sounds in bag and dufflebag, at 4:25 onwards he start using hand gestures and goes all over the place, ending with the fingers pressed together and the final release of the energy when he's saying "you will have to lie", at 5:26. After that it's a different kind of chopped up energy leading up to the fake conversion solution.
Now the context of this is still a bit weird, he's starting from the assumption that witchcraft needs to be hidden, which even if true for many, would normally require some kind of mention of why he's making the video in the first place. This is part of the weirdness of it. It doesn't follow normal logic all the way.
Normally we don't do this here on meguca since post numbers are visible directly when typing, but the post about the video, which was already my intention when pressing the post button, got
>23:23:40 No.6666000
which is a pretty weird number, suggesting the spell did something.

Nice digits bot you got there.
>Eldritch Research Center
The fuck do you research? Where do you publish your findings?
>>6204273 #
>>6204263 #
No, you don't understand. ERC was a discord shitposting server during summer 2018, marketed at an /x/ server but in reality being more of a private /a/ server, complete with trap posting.


「Planning for success」

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GYdIqSnWaDsEx109 KB1024x683DSC06825.jpg
What goals do you have? Do you work daily to proceed towards them?
If you don't know what you want to achieve, it's time to start by lining this up, large and small.
This vid has some perspectives on why for those lacking motivation.
[YouTube] ???
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>>6544008 #
Once I establish a good basis, achive my priority goals, aquire enough experience and wisdom to call myself worthy and gather enough followers.
The idea seems good but I need to work on myself first. I will keep it in mind.
I don't know but I have a depressive outlook on things as of late and I am convinced this is it for me.
I'm not sure how to say it. I'm in pain and I just want out. I have no idea how. Except for the most crude method, that is.
Predeterminism I guess.
>>6635754 #
You an retard.
Interesting red message. I have never seen that before.

>>6634258 #

Look I don't know your problems, your life and honestly don't want to bother finding out, but please let me tell you something.
Everytime you feel like there is no way out of your problems, imagine a very good, but not perfect, version of your future life.
Imagine this as much and as long as you can. Think of it as a relaxing or insightful or fun session. Whatever suits you best.
If thoughts that distract you come up, simply try to transition back into your future life. Imagine a simple good day in that future.
And then think to yourself "I am so happy that I stayed determined until the bitter end". This can be reality one day. It's up to you tho.


「Astral projection」

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I would like to share what I think I know about astral projection, and create a thread in which to discuss it.
What I will write here has been taken from several books and personal experiences. I cannot share the books for the same reason I cannot cite them: I don't remember and it has all been integrated and shaped differently by my mind anyway. When you read this, please keep in mind it is a map, a model of reality, and not reality itself. We use words and concepts to depict real things, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be explained using other words and other concepts and still be explained usefully.
While writing this, I touched on other topics that could well develop into a book. I don’t consider myself knowledgeable enough to write such a book, and that’s a monumental task anyway. I just hope what I wrote makes enough sense so as for other anons to relate to it and foster discussion ‘’preferably based on personal experiences rather than dogma’’.
I want you to consider the structure of your non-physical being. Because we tend to identify with our bodies, when we think of our souls—non-physical bodies or however we refer to them—we think of them being in one place and not in another. Just as our body is in one place at a time.
Our soul, however, is not bound by three—or rather four—dimensions, and although it is bound in terms of a higher dimensional topology of reality, it is not useful to think of it the same way we think of our body when it comes to going places and doing things. Unlike our physical body, our non-physical body can be and often is many places at once. Our awareness, however, can only be in one place at a time. Think of how you can place your awareness on the tip of your nose, or your left thumb, but if you try to be in both places at once you are either going to bounce back and forth or end up joining them into a single mental construct you can place your awareness on. Keep these things in mind.
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If you can see then try to attack them if you know for sure it's a threat. Also If it seems to strong hire some bodyguard. If you can't see em then you also can't hire a bodyguard , in that case you just hope for the best. You are supposed to have some passive shielding in place.
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Whatever threats are “in the astral” are actually around you right now as well. The only difference is if you go somewhere you are not supposed to go. Stick to what places you know while you are learning and you will be fine. You won’t encounter anything you haven’t already unknowingly encountered while in physical form.
Can I see my spirit guides during astral projection? What about tulpas?
All I could see when I did that were blobs floating around.
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Please do write on the thread ancap created. I like your pictures.
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I placed a altered version of Ancaps tuning wand, made it more like a teleport entry, with the location of a group I've noticed when trying to figure out why this book felt inspired. I believe this group is where I got the idea of the book of fitness from. This group takes to more of an extreme the idea of volume of knowledge as heaven-bound duty. I believe this book is a code on the proper conduct of shy men in their interaction with the world.
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It's Thistle's grimoire from Dungeon Meshi. The use is knowledge on proper conduct.