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Official /fringe/ library:

Huge occult PDF collection:

Liber Falxifer Book of the Left Handed Reaper:

Library genesis:

Feel free to add anything relevant, you can also post documents in the thread.
Did anyone here read a lot of books from all the libraries? There is just too much to read for me and I would like to get a selection of the best books or anons favourites. The essentials for my occult collection. Maybe we can create and discuss a list or something.
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>>5029353 #
Well that depends on your starting point and intended destination.

>>4923168 #
Bible Study ~1 hr 1PM CST-US
Lords Prayer
Exodus 21-22
What Makes a Real Man? by Desiring God
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under The Bridge
Matthew 28
The Necessity of Chivalry by C.S. Lewis Doodle
Angels & Airwaves - The Adventure
Exodus 23-24
Lords Prayer
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Bible Study ~1 hr aka 9:30 PM CST
Lords Prayer
Romans 9-10
Transgender set free by Jesus! (from Jayson back to Jessie) by The Last Reformation
Roll Away Your Stone · Mumford & Sons
Romans 11-12
How Does ‘Willful Sinning’ Threaten My Salvation? // Ask Pastor John
Love by Joni Mitchell
Romans 13-14
Lords Prayer
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Bible Study ~1 hr 1PM CST (6 PM UTC)
Lords Prayer
Exodus 25-26
Four Ways to Savor Jesus More by Desiring God
The Sun Shines Down on Me by Daniel Johnston
Mark 1
Why is Christianity right? by Ravi Zacharias International Ministries
Alison Krauss Lay My Burden Down
Exodus 27-28
Lords Prayer
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Bible Study ~1 hr 1PM CST (6 PM UTC)
Lords Prayer
Exodus 29-30
A sudsy debate between two Christians. by Wretched
Joni Mitchell - Passion Play (When All The Slaves Are Free)
Mark 2-3
On the Wrong Side of History? by The Gospel Coalition
James Taylor "New Hymn"
Exodus 31-33
Lords Prayer
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Bible Study ~1 hr 1PM CST (6 PM UTC)
Lords Prayer
Exodus 34-35
On 'Sexual' Morality by C.S. Lewis Doodle
Ready to Meet Him - DMX
Mark 4
How will we respond to the coming social justice firestorm? by Wretched
Alison Krauss & Union Station - "Two Highways"
Exodus 36-38
Lords Prayer


「Comfy vampire thread」

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Links to archive of old threads:
Previous thread: https://mewch.net/fringe/res/2952.html

Alright, I'm creating a vampire thread. I can't stand not having one. I'm Ouroboros 4 anon from the mewch one.

See. I'm freaking out a bit. My body is changing. Slower heart rate, faster recovery. Eat little and feel fine. Moving towards my ideal weight after years of being on the fat and soft side. Not losing even a bit of muscle on a sometimes ridiculously low calorie fruit diet. Shit gloriously every day... Magic also getting better every day, manifesting left and right as if overdosed on ormus. But I don't buy into the whole immortal vampire shit because it's statistically infinitely (literally) much more probable that I'm developing some sort of hormonal, metabolic and/or heart disorder. Although the doctor says I'm OK, all the changes I'm going through are just too many, too fast.
I'm freaking the fuck out. I'm actually scared my body will just suddenly crap out on me and I'll die on the spot. Like, my heart will give up or something.

I anybody has experienced anything similar, I need to hear about it. Someone said on the other thread here that they did go through some shit but didn't want to talk about it, that OP was understating things. I need to make sense of this. I just realized I'm bordering on an identity crisis of major proportions. I'm doing to well and everything is getting better and better too fast.
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Something similar happened to me. Well, I think it’s similar, although some may disagree.
Basically I was experimenting with creating astral artifacts, sort of thoughforms (see Library thread) and came up with a shield with crystalized iron in the front which disperses all energies that go in, sort of a dispersal lens. I spent a good while visualizing the process by which every part of it was created and in fact I only planned the fact that it would be a shield. Its properties came organically (and it works, but that’s for another thread).

So basically it looks black seen from the front because it doesn’t reflect any light, as it disperses it to the side. Looks like a black eye. I spent a few days with this in my mind and suddenly one day somebody tells me they got a certain watch delivered by mistake to them and asks me if I want it. Not only the sphere looks like my shield, but the way the strap works is almost the same too. It’s as if reality scrambled to find the closest thing to materialize. There are other interesting details that match but they are small and would take long to explain.
Interesting potential breakthrough. I've been experimenting with visiting a place by mental/astral journeying. It's a university or library with books on everything, specialized rooms for specific magical workings, assistants and a lot of stuff I still haven't explored. I've been using this as a mental construct for doing magic completely internally.
This morning for some reason I decided to explore its surroundings and not just imagine the building in the middle of a huge black void like I've been doing until now. From the outside it looks like the wall of a city or a castle. It had a simple cobblestone road in front of it and some trees in medieval European countryside fashion. I also imagined a couple of small houses in front of it. This image came to me completely spontaneously, as I wandered mentally and just let images pop up in my mind's eye.

I was just reviewing everything from the old threads, which includes a lot of stuff I hadn't read or I had skimmed over, and I came across this paragraph:
>The vampire who first contacted me lives in a library next to a road. Outside it some kind of wilderness. I get the feeling of a seaside town far off on an isolated coast. Even if you made it to the cobblestone street outside you wouldn’t be able to enter the building complex, it’s an impenetrable fortress. This is the image of the dimensions up there.

Which obviously caught my attention. Although the one entity I have interacted with in this place (there are others, both visitors and staff/inhabitants) is a short buttler-like chibi entity who welcomes me and bids me farewell as well as directing me around the facilities of the place. This morning I imagined I had a cape with me for some reason and left it with this entity when I came in. Upon going out to see what was outside, I was surprised by an image of the entity popping up spontaneously and handing me my cape, which I had forgotten all about. (cont.)
>>5030829 #
>>5030792 #
Small details like this really brighten up these meditations because they remind me that I'm dealing with something more than just my imagination. That and the effects and information reflected in the real world after my workings, of course.


「Wand Path to immortality」

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Members from this group may post on 8/fringe/ and 4/x/. Some may post vids on youtube. This is how the average occultist will come into contact with this path. Once again, having the telepathic ability is more or less required if you want to reach anywhere noticable here. You can probably do this from a "mundane" entry point as well, but imo it's probably more work. But that is up to you. To get in here, you need to be noticed. How you attract that attention is not important. Make yourself a name as a youtuber, start tripfagging, start writing occult books and get them printed, anything you can think of. If you have the right mindset and skill you will be seen and contacted.
Reaching enlightenment by this path seems extremely difficult. Obviously it can be done, because of the existence of "Artillery Mage", the one and only elder of this practice I've seen. But maybe I just lack the ability to contact any other, or they're keeping to themselves somewhere. The characteristics of this path is determined by its focus on Wands. While these are not physical wands when you get to that stage, you may actually start by using artifacts as a way of learning. The main idea here is the development of artifacts, eventually these take the form of concepts or mental objects, but their nature does not change. This in itself is pretty unique. To be able to produce an artifact which holds something of yourself, you need deep understanding of yourself. This is the total opposite of vampirism, which has a relatively low standard for each step. But the effect is completely different, and if you do succed here, what you reach will have a sharpness of perception which is hard to reach in any other way.
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That’s some flawed logic right there. If the imageboard is meant for incarnate beings, it should work in the appropriate timescale. You can’t recruit incarnate humans working with them as if they were immortal in body.

What are “the active places”?
>>5017203 #
>>5016124 #
The appropriate timescale is the same as that of the library itself. Right now (in the last few years) was a good time to enter because of the spread of social media. Many people know about /fringe/ and have learned things over these years. Just as social media is now reaching a dead end, this effort associated with this forum (treating open social media as a "forum" in the traditional sense of the word) may come to an end.

>What are “the active places”?
Watch for the library's signature, its essence where ever it may manifest. That is where the focus of activity lies. You may think about it as a brand, in the same manner as tv channels carrying the culture of a company while not directly advertizing its products, you will see the library behind commonly existing phenomena in society after this concentrated form dissipates.
By spending time with /fringe/ you now know to recognize it "in the wild", just as you can recognize /a/ in the comment sections of video sites. It's the culture, the "meme" of what is /fringe/. Let go of the dependence on specific websites or forms of communication.
I had quite a bad fall some weeks back. I scraped my arm badly as well as my leg. I feel like I was very close to breaking that leg. I was bruised badly for a week and it hurt a lot. I think I messed up a tendon in my arm which has become somewhat hardened and hurts when I stretch it in certain ways. Might've teared a muscle or something. I hope this is not for life.
I mention this because I am one of those that "made it". I'm also the anon that dropped a hard drive and broke it. Blood anon said he could see the broken karmic ring that led to that. So I'm assuming this is the same? I could've killed myself if I had fallen just half a meter in another direction. Instead I stayed there paralyzed by pain and laughing.
This made me realize one should be careful. I wonder what blood anon would say about my energy signature now...
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「/ftf/ bunker bread - general discussion」

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The board died....but this one is pretty damn close to /ftf/ and it's predessecor /aum/ so I guess this thread will serve as the /ftf/ replacement as long as the controversial crossdressing Board Owner doesn't make a new one. Nice board, btw.
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This discord was a breakoff from the 4chan fapping thread a long. long time ago. The two went separate ways when the discord became more about trannies and failed traps selfposting than sharing lewd images
>failed traps
It's cold here.

I don't get it tbh did /fringe/ get shut down or something or is this just a bunker board?
I assume if it did get shut down, this place would be way more popular so I'm assuming some form of the latter.
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>>4778038 #
/fringe/ is a community, so all /fringe/s is just a board. None of them is very active though. Part of that is caused by smiley/fringewizard abandoning the community, he's also supposedly homeless after being vanned and placed in psych ward for 10 days, for unspecified reasons.
>>4782142 #
>>4781536 #
Smiley is located somewhere pretty close to me and I've always wondered if I should try to contact him, but I'm pretty busy most of the time and I think I don't really have the extra energy to deal with a guy like him. I thought he was living with his parents before he got sent to the psych ward, did they kick him out or something?
>>4786450 #
>>4782142 #
The story does not tell. He's been posting in mewch about wanting people to send him stuff to watch offline when he's not in the internet cafe so it does sound legit, why he's not just going, no idea. Wasn't his mother old and ill and his father dead or something?
He did post something about being reported to the fbi and plaincloth policement watching him or something which sounds like it's pretty serious, or serious paranoia.

Go on.
I will in due time if nobody does it before me. Latest tomorrow
>>4610544 #
A significant portion of /pol/ here overlaps with /fringe/ and /a/ is too busy pretending to be little girls to get too worked up over anything. The rest of the boards are usually empty. As long as you aren't actively spamming for days at a time no one is going to get upset about anything /fringe/ related.

When I first came to fringe I thought that Smiley was legit. "Fringe Wizard" seemed so grand to me...the truth is however a dissapointment like always
>>4655287 #
Mewch is kill. Long live the true anon fringe artists.

>>4689217 #
Board name being /fringe/ and not /aum/, /squirrel/ or /ftf/

>>4689225 #
Fringebay banners dont work here because the size has to be exact on meguca, but thanks anyway.


「Why yet another fringe board?」

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topic. fringebay seems fine. there's mewch.net/fringe too. and 8ch for all the other assorted garbage. so why a 4th one?
Because of moderation issues, cancer and newfags, and that meguca has liveposting which may work better for personal discussions.
Fringebay does not respect your freedoms.



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John 3:16 King James Version (KJV)

16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Nay! Only I may be first!