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The blogshit continues.
Please tell us about all that bothers you and all that lights up your day.
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just masturbate
on it
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the curse of having the correct outlook on relationships
speeeeeaking of being a slut
I pyud last night to a doujin, and there was a panel where the girl went on about how she wasnt pent up, and that she went and sought out some men to have their way with her. This happens after the girl shows herself to be quite cute and caring when sex isnt on the table.
The though i had was, how is it that sluts can still be decent peopl in practice, whjen the pracetice of being a slut is indecent in itself?
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oh, and how is it that for the vast majority of people, actual sluts are a turn off or unattractive, but a girl still being slutty makes a guy wanna fuck it regardless?
The philosophy and nuance of a slut is curious to me.

Just putting a number sign # at the end of the number?
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This wasn't meant as an insult, I really didn't know.


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>not actually the sound of magma flowing
You had my hopes up.