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>try to think about my future
>get depressed and want to cry
Worst feel
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Day 2 full carnivore diet. Just butter and ground meat (pork, beef or lamb)
>since the first meal my breath smells great, I barely have to wash my teeth anymore
>don't have to floss, comes out clean and doesn't smell at all
>finally have normal poop after like a year of diarrhea caused by my hyperthyroidism
>acne already fading
>0 bloat or gas
Fuck me mate, this is awesome. /blog
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「Infowars Reporter Contest!」

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Alex Jones of Infowars.com announced a reporter contest on May 21st 2018. Its now around September 21st 2018 - its been 4 months. The contest has been up for 4 months and still no word at all. The deadline for entries was July 4th and its been over 2 months since the contest began - still not a peep! Alex Jones is harassing Marco Rubio and making fun of Ben Shapiro, but he couldn't spare a single tweet or email to say "Contest Postponed" or "Contest Cancelled" - nothing, nada! Yet at the same time, Infowars has been publishing Reporter Contest Entries in order to make money off of OUR WORK! GARBAGE!!!

[YouTube] ???
[YouTube] ???
[YouTube] ???

post lewd aikatsue instead
Lat's a closeted homosexual, seeing boys kissing brings out emotions in himself that he wants to suppress.



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So the top of the screen says:


I have the latest version of Firefox-ESR installed. The "-ESR" is just the version that Debian releases. When I change the user agent string to remove the "-ESR" the website actually fucking works, and the message goes away.

This means meguca code is retarted. Rather than test for a browser user agent string test for features supported by the client. My browser is newer than the minimum version of Firefox you support, but meguca's "browser test" code is literally ignorant about how it tests for browsers.

Given that the Mozilla team is going to hell in an ideological handbasket, more people are ditching the official release of Firefox. If I were you I'd get with the times... A broken website due to retarded and unnecessary fall backs is not conducive to new user adoption (default should be "whelp, here's the lastest code, hope your browser handles it, not we're breaking shit because we don't know if your browser can use it or not, and refuse to do feature tests on the client side).

Unless you're a web dev you probably don't know shit about what I'm saying.

I can work around it because I know how your broken code works, but I doubt the average visitor can.

That method of testing was deprecated in the fucking 90's.
I don't know what you are on. meguca uses feature detection not useragent strings. Firefox ESR in the Debian repos (52.9) is a pretty old browser.