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The blogshit continues.
Please tell us about all that bothers you and all that lights up your day.
Share your personal feelings you can't share with anyone else. We won't tell anyone.
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I need to figure out what to do with my life. I really need to have a purpose.
Met with a psychiatrist for the third time and I could tell she was getting just a bit bored and tired the situation. Or maybe she was just having a bad day.
My problems are normal, but we all drink for different reasons.
I thought I could get some help by her, but for some reason it tends to end up with neither of us knowing why we're there. Brute forcing a solution is probably the only way, like asking myself what needs to be done and do it in a simple way instead of complicated and less hurting.
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Do you think like this or do you hate people who think like this?
Either way there are plenty of people on both sides.
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How can I make an anchorage when I leave a reply?
Just putting a number sign # at the end of the number?

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>not actually the sound of magma flowing
You had my hopes up.

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The /bant/ bunker is actually quite comfy you know? There are only 15 people who use it, so it’s a tightly knit place where you can have a nice conversation with 0 shit-posting.