/all/ - Aggregator metaboard

>>2025274 #
>Arguably, it's not even needed, because old boards will will auto delete
But this won't effect the examples I gave. /mu/ could have a very active chatroom, but relatively inactive share threads, and so they'll lose all their shares if they don't make sure to keep them bumped.

>The 20 thread limit can be done, but ideally I'd prefer some algorithm without this arbitrary cap.
Maybe something like
Uses algorithm to decide how long an uploaded files last depending on its size:
''retention = min_age + (-max_age + min_age) * pow((file_size / max_size - 1), 3)''

You could do the same for threads, the more space they take, the shorter period of no-posts before its deletes. The only thing is you'll have to display it somewhere visibly on each thread (next to the sync counter should be fine), so that people have a heads up.

It's elegant in space saving, but it's inelegant for users because it's not consistent, you can't know off the top of your head how long a thread has. You'd have to add up all the files ITT and then put it through the algorithm, or enter the thread and find the already outputted answer.
>>2029400 #>>2029442 #
GIqSnWaDsEx155 KB1366x701Screenshot_2017-04-29_00-55-21.png
>>2025991 #
>Can you move the Livepost checkbox to the option window
I planning to move it in the identity window (the post options one).

>Sage from the option window to the reply box, next to spoiler
I think, that it should stay in the post options, because meguca is much more fast-paced in posting style. I want all the options on the form itself be non-persistent and the options in the additional window can persist. My idea is for it to be used while posting with the options window hovering in the corner like so, if you need to toggle anything.

>>2029171 #
>''retention = min_age + (-max_age + min_age) * pow((file_size / max_size - 1), 3)''
Interesting. I like it, but instead of compound file size, I'll use post number as a capacity measure. This way older non-active threads will still be retained, but generals will get deleted fast. Amusingly, this also means, that threads over the bump limit will get deleted faster. We can easily compute the TTL client-side then.
>>2029442 #
>>2023193 #
>>2025274 #
I think deletion is only an issue when there are few users and things are slow-moving. If there's lots of activity you don't want things to stay around forever because they would pile up. So post/board/thread-thresholds are probably more adaptive than time-based ones. 4chan has fast and slow boards which work reasonably fine simply with the N pages they're given.
Time-based on the other hand fails on both very slow-moving or very fast-moving boards.

>>2025991 #
In my opinion identity, sage and live-posting needs two inputs. A default configuration and a per-post override. The identity panel is not very ergonomical. E.g. when you always want to sage so you can selectively bump threads only when you think they're worth it. But then you need to occasionally do that selective bumping. Or someone who is paranoid and doesn't want to livepost most of the time but then wants to enable it in some cases because it aids the flow of conversation.
Maybe keybinds for

I got void Linux running just now. Thanks for supporting me and never giving up on me guys I owe it all to you
>>2029550 #
GIqSnWaDsEx20 KB250x1871149466522299.jpg
>>2029538 #
I fucking love this meme, I'm not going to lie. We spend all our time at these idiot machines and they seem to be making us bigger idiots at previously unimagined velocities.
>>2029548 #
I don't have the autism to get gentoo working (and I'll probably misconfigure it so badly as to negate any security advantage)
void it is, I guess? I'm torn between that and ElementaryOS
Void is actually really easy if you've got pretty standard new equipment. If security is your

>>2029540 #
Nope, but, if you can come up with a few efficient algorithms for those, it might.
kampai you faggots

how to start making techno? how to git gud?

/r/ing the Hitler scoring a goal during the 4chan cup I could have sworn I saved it but didn't.
>>1954811 #
Holy shit that's enlightening, that might explain why pornography also has the "gloryhole" as a quite known and practiced thing and searched.

weed lmao


stream where?

Welcome to the Socialist Dimensional Zone.
You are now a citizen of memeland.


「hydron dev thread」

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GIqSnWaDsEx11 KB191x191proton.jpg
Hydron is a much faster Hydrus alternative backend.
Version 1.0.0 released. Basic API now complete.

README: https://github.com/bakape/hydron/blob/master/README.md
API docs: https://github.com/bakape/hydron/blob/master/docs/client_development.md
Static Windows binary: https://github.com/bakape/hydron/releases/download/v1.0.0/hydron-v1.0.0_windows_x86_64.zip

Anyone interested in developing or co-developing a GUI frontend? Any language is fine.
41 posts and 5 images omitted See All>>1948051 ➡ #
>data from an embedded database is read into a buffer
>then decoded into Go types
>then encoded into C types
>then passed to C++
>then encoded into Qt types
>then encoded into JS types by the QML engine and actually used
>>2028596 #
>>2028623 #
Looks like it can only generate bindings for functions, not structs, and does not cast the types in between.
The other problem is, that because of Go garbage collection, I can not return Go pointers from a function, so all my returned types must either be on the stack or allocated from Go with malloc.


「Portugal and the Jews」

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GIqSnWaDsEx71 KB500x820PT.jpg
TT i'll be translating and dumping sources that explain the history between kikes and Portugal, from beginning until the present. If you also have information feel free to add it.

>Visigoth rule (fifth century to 711)

>Barbaric invasions brought most of the Iberian Peninsula under Visigothic rule by the early fifth century. Other than in their contempt for Catholics, who reminded them of the Romans, the Visigoths did not generally take much of an interest in the religious creeds within their kingdom. It wasn't until 506, when Alaric II (484-507) published his Brevarium Alaricianum (wherein he adopted the laws of the ousted Romans), that a Visigothic king concerned himself with the Jews.

>The tides turned even more dramatically following the conversion of the Visigothic royal family under Recared from Arianism to Catholicism in 587. In their desire to consolidate the realm under the new religion, the Visigoths adopted an aggressive policy concerning the Jews. As the king and the church acted in a single interest, the situation for the Jews deteriorated. Recared approved the Third Council of Toledo's move in 589 to forcibly baptize the children of mixed marriages between Jews and Christians.
71 posts and 4 images omitted See All>>2000332 ➡ #
Quotes extracted from 'Um entrevista célebre com Mário Saa: Portugal Cristão-novo ou os Judeus na república'
>'The deep revolt that now stimulates the strong aspiration of my patriotism has compelled me to opt for the manifesto since I found in the press the most insurmountable difficulties. It seems that a tenebrous plan lurched around the destinies of the race to preclude the victories of the future.'

>'No one, until now, has reasonably understood the essential function of the Holy Office. Some say: religious fanaticism; Others say: confiscation of property ... - And after all, the Inquisition was only the defense of a race!'

>'The nobles created the Tribunal of the Inquisition to prevent the avalanche of the New Christians, the Court and the avalanche ceased; they spread to the top! Before they were careful to become prolific: all life is a struggle for your descendants.'

>'By the same phenomenon of the prolificity and extinction of families, he saw the Gódo, the Portuguese aristocracy, emerge before him his great enemy of all time, but at all times submitted and only now triumphant: the Semite! The Jews mainly, embodying the idea of the Republic; The men of the berra are the descendants of the old communes, tolerated in the time of D. Manuel I under the generic name of New Christians.'

>'Those who dominate today in Portugal, whether they know it or not, are the direct descendants of the new Christians; Direct, that is to say: from man to man; Because it is there in the manly line that only the atavistic phenomena occur. The son is not independent of the father, and the son and the father are not independent of their race!'
>>2026244 #
>>2026234 #
>'- And the mixture of races?
>- What mixture? That is a rumor! A mixture of individuals yes: a Jew functioning socially alongside a Moor, a Celtic ... but that Jew, Moor and Celtic are working in the same individual, that is not; Was to ignore the psychology of struggle: it always ends by triumphing one!'

>'The Inquisition for certain positions that were more or less connected with business of State or Religion, ordered to proceed to the integral knowledge of the ascendants, because well knew by experience what was the imperious voice of the Race. It was infected the one with blood of Jew, Moor, Indian, or Malay, although this was a remote and already forgotten thing in the offspring. The people were wisely called by the people who, when they did not return to the Religion of their elders, created at least a state of revolt, both in political and religious ideas. And what is made of these men? Have they disappeared? Today more than ever they walk around, characterized by their physiognomy, personal tendencies and joint actions.'

>'In Portugal there is not only Hebrew Semitism; There is the Arab element of the Alentejo (little; most of those who judge themselves of Arab origin are but of Jewish origin); The Phoenician element of the coast of the Douro, whose encounter with the Jews of the center was synthetized in Santa Comba Dão. These Semites together give the republican element of Portugal. The conservative is the gódo individual and germano, spirit of the North, spirited, knight, pragmatic; It is the main element of our army. The rebel, the lover of the new idea, of the Republicsof , the Socialisms, is the Semite, the man from the South or Orient, the calculator, the thinker ... and the fool! He is embodied in the modern bachelor, few times in the army: the reluctance of the Jews for the military life is remarkable; They are cowards.'

>'The Jew is a mosquito: soft body and spirit of the Devil!'
>>2029040 #
>>2026244 #
>'With the freedoms of the French Revolution, the Jew liberated himself and organized himself in an air of assault as he did modernly in Russia, embodying the idea of Bolshevism. Freemasonry is an institution of Jews! Even today in our northern villages, freemason is synonymous with Jew.'

>'In Portugal he began to dominate by constitutionalism; Was gradually taking over finances, medicine, the bachelor's degree in general, and one fine day, October 5, 1910, assaults the power definitively!'

>'To enter the Portuguese parliament, the same is to enter a synagogue.'

>'The senior judges are almost entirely new Christians; In the magistracy it is even interesting to remember that the judge of the supreme court of justice, Dr. José Rodrigues D'Almeida Ribeiro, an intimate friend of Afonso Costa, is recognized as a New-Christian!'

>'Ancient hatreds and modern hatred were not, and are not, as has been wrongly supposed, a matter of religion, a matter of politics; No, it is fundamentally a question of race; Different races speak different languages; Different races always hate each other!'
>>2029061 #
>>2029040 #
>'The republican spirit in Portugal is not confined to the New Christian; Reaches unanimously the old Jew, who from the beginning of the last century never ceases to come from Morocco; This one already has the best preponderance here. It is that the Jew throughout Europe has been the persecuted of the monarchies, becoming therefore the great friend of the republics like a form to impose its monarchies. Their republics are the preparation for their monarchies; To dismantle the foundations and build in their own way.'

>'In the Israeli almanach for 1915, which Rabbi Mucznik has just offered me, is told by W. Terló, a Russian Jew, the history of the project for the Israeli colonization of the Planalto de Angola, with the aim of a future independence; And account the obstacles encountered during the monarchy and the facilities during the Republic.'

>'The following year the Zionist group with Alfrêdo Bensaúde in the presidency is organized in Lisbon. The lawyer Dr. José d'Almada, in charge of the studies on the Catholic missions, elaborated with W. Terló a draft law, tending to favor the Israelis in the ambition of the Planalto De Angola. In February 1912 the project was published in the Diário do Governo, and delivered to a committee of seven members, names well known in our midst and in all New Christians.'

>'Unanimously approved by the relevant action of the New Christians, Barros Queiroz and Alvaro de Castro and by the even greater action of the unconscious voice of blood, is delivered by Dr. Caetano Gonsalves (Indian), a very significant speech in which the speaker said that seeing the Jews to constitute an independent nation did not frighten him, for with this Portugal would lose nothing, and Humanity would gain much; And he, orator, would rejoice to see the empire of Israel erect from Portugal!'
>>2029067 #
>>2029061 #
>'The land in which they are born, as an illustrious Jew said to me, has for them the importance of a hotel or a fau in a European express! He is by principle enemy of the Earth, and therefore enemy of the territorial nationality; he's nomadic; Hence its tendency to trade, which is making Portugal a country of intermediaries and will ruin national agriculture!'

>'As a people, it is the Jews who are incapable of governing; Only when they leech off others do they live and triumph; Each one is extraordinarily individualistic so why would one want to sacrifice to an ideal of the whole; They know how to govern themselves too well, too well not to know how to govern!'

>'Those who protested and still protest were and are the general bottom of the population, the bastardinho da Beira, the Moor of the Alentejo, and the negroide of the secular slavery, three elements that made Portugal one of the most inferior nations in Europe.'

>'In Lisbon you get to be half an hour without seeing a single European pass!'

>'The Christian religion itself is a Semitic danger. Christ was a Jew, and one more step to the disaster of the Gothic Race; Christianity is a degeneration of Hebraism; Nor at least has the purity of its origins. The Gothic indole of heroes is averse to this religion of decadence and favorable to a religion of warriors. What was most devastating to the peoples of Europe was to allow themselves to be infiltrated by the Christlike egualitarian poison of the cross, averse to the principle of selection! Resign is to continue to ruin yourself. Freemasonry is its direct descendant.'

who wants me to ERP with them?
GIqSnWaDsEx333 KB600x80036648184_p0.jpg
... I see. So you came into this ded thread. I must thank you somehow~
How do you want me to thank you?

[ ] Fried Tofu
[ ] Touch fluffy tail
[ ] (You)
>>2029060 #


「Where is my modern day Lotus Elite」

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GIqSnWaDsEx35 KB640x366Lotus-Elite-Type14.jpg
2 seater coupe, low weight (500-600 kg). The original had about 75-100 hp. We can do much better with modern tech, for the same weight.
Keep it really low tech, manual windows etc.
Composite knowledge has also had a massive boost since the 50's.
How would you construct one using modern components?
1 post and 0 image omitted See All>>2003624 #>>2028998 #
>>2003624 #
Some higher end cars are using aluminum for some parts to reduce weight, or plastic on some exterior panels.
The elite was all glass fiber composite which resulted in a very low weight. Now you could ask why you would want this, since you can just put a bigger engine in your heavier car.
If you go the other way, like the elite and design you end up with a very light body. In this very light body, you don't need a heavy, or powerful engine to still get good performance.
Small engine needs less space in the engine bay, needs smaller peripherals (radiators etc). This gives a bit more freedom in the design, and even less weight.
With this low weight, your suspension can be lighter since the loads are less, same goes for tires, you can use smaller and cheaper ones.
And less mass to stop means you can use smaller brakes as well.

Manual everything saves further weight, less wiring and power demands, and wont break down as much, and when it does, it will probably be easier to fix.
What I dislike about a car like the Tesla's is the gigantic touchscreen in the console, the massive amount of software involved, and the conn
>>2015281 #
connection to the factory, cloud, or some script kiddy if you are unlucky. This is no joke, look on youtube for examples of remote control of cars, a jeep iirc. Scary stuff.

>>2015281 #
I noticed.
>>2015282 #
>>2015280 #
You can just uncheck "Live", if you know you'll be typing a long post.
>>2001192 #
wouldn't you end up with something like a track-day car with a roof?

GIqSnWaDsEx03:077.6 MB640x3601450861869214.webm
>>2011860 #
>>2011817 #
What the fuck is an id/pol/? Is it a pun or something? Usual bad humor?
Anyways i'd suggest you to stop for a second, and try to understand current events,
without simply screaming "It's capitalism! Smash capitlism! Seize means!" Just stop for a moment,
and analyze the present times, we know capitalism is a scam, but who do you think is responsible?
How can so many people be convinced of sustaining such an ill society? What ethnicity is prevalent among the most
rich and wealthy? Why is such ethnicity there and what is its history? The real history not the propagandized one.

Just stop for a second, meditate on the results of your research and try to come up with a reason, an endgame of these
wealthy people. Do you realize now why does /pol/ exist?

This webm is the future the less intelligent people of movements like minded to you, brought and will bring.
The Hitler boogieman you so much hate, actually tried to stand against the global bankers and their private banking usury.

With your communist movement you only accomplish what these ((("prokies"))) simply want as an endgame, gobal communist
movement, hand power to the pleb masses easily controlled trough tricks and lies massively produced by media. Democracy is also good for that.

>>2026437 #
I don't think we're on the same page here. I thought your issue was caching. If you only need the creation time, it is stored as JSON at the bottom of the page. That data is the exact same, that the HTML was rendered from.
>>2028503 #>>2028652 #
>>2028466 #
No, we are on the same page, but your JSON is useful for me and the problem will be solved.
I don't know that you stored entire JSON into the page, so I parsed HTML to get each post's time. However, you modified it AFTER loading HTML, so a racing condition is there. But I'll parse the JSON and use it, then the racing condition will be disappeared.

>>2025286 #
I'll give a patch to my script. Please wait 2-3 days.
>>2028679 #
>>2028652 #
you're working on catchan right? I think it should be part of the core, since the favicon-changes right now are only of limited use.
>>2028503 #
> However, you modified it AFTER loading HTML
>>2028652 #
>I don't see when the favicon changes. Does it only work in background tab?

hi fellow merchants!
when do we start rigging the global gold markets?
would anybody like to play the dreidel game
>>2026656 #
For the next week's agenda i'd suggest calling greenblatt at hollywood to start making a new film about how whites should house immigrants and how they should hand them their women.
Don't forget to add pictures of dead children.

This is the simple security questions thread. The intent is that a simple question without a suitable thread already existing can be asked here and someone will probably try to answer or discuss it at suitable length.

If you have an in-depth question that can start a long discussion, a new thread may be more appropriate.

Remember to do some research before asking your question. Few will want to answer a question that a simple search or some insight can resolve easily.
> If, theoretically, someone was running Gentoo on an encrypted VirtualBox, and routing though tor, what kind of additional hardening might one recommend?

You'd probably want to make sure the host operating system is also hardened. It'd be pretty pointless if your winblows machine got broken into and compromised your VM through that path.
Make sure the host operating system has a firewall and you don't run anything else on that that could compromise it.
A hardware firewall should work better than the software firewall.
You should be able to harden gentoo as well.


「Board Rules」

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GIqSnWaDsEx520 KB1000x1202Tbp-homura-2.png
1. No illegal content
2. No spamming

1. No disruption
2. No degeneracy
3. No cancer
4. No namefaggotry

We are EXPLICITLY a natsoc board, anti-degenerate, anti-semitic, pro-white. This board does not have free speech and has no interest in entertaining bluepilled newfags.

The rules are intentionally vague, the board culture will define the details. Not knowing what counts is not an excuse, it means you didn't lurk before posting which is cancer in itself.
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>>2023716 #
It's the law of cycles. Until some steps up and becomes so powerful to bust the cycle, we're stuck in the endless spiral. But don't lose hope, it's natural. Things grow, they change, they die. Instead, always be trying to cultivate new fields so that the one who can break the cycle can be grown anywhere. Hopefully that will keep them from uprooting them before they are grown enough.
>>2025295 #>>2025298 #>>2028250 #
Faggots like this
>>2028244 ➡ # ➡ #
from the mead hall 23 thread are what I'm worried about. Now it's one, but soon enough shills of all colours who get word of this place will just start pouring in, too much for the BO to manage, and maybe even crash the site. Sigh, it's like seeing the beginning of the fall of 8chan and other bunkers all over again.
>>2023730 #
>>2023859 #
>>2023863 #
>>2024484 #
>>2025266 #
>>2025298 #
>>2025338 #
thank you guys for the reassurance. I guess the best I could do is try and help maintain the comfiness as much as possible for as long as I can.
I'll also take heed of what Lat >>2023820 # and this other anon >>2023962 # said and try to learn some web dev, right now my knowledge is very preliminary, but I hope I could properly 'cultivate some new fields' by the time I finish college.

okay mod can delete this I've had my fun

>>2027877 #
>using greentext wrong
>calling somebody else a newfag

>>2027876 #
Are you the nigger who thinks Black Mesa is Half-Life 2 again?

>>2027857 #
>being a nigger is the implicist last stand of non-niggers

shit i forgot this was the old thread

Suggestions for rules welcome, even from /pol/ heathens although I'll mostly ignore them
btw ACCA 13 is a good, socialist anime. It is not NatSoc or Nazi
>>2015747 #



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          ∧_∧   / ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
          ( ´∀`) < VIP POSTERS ONLY
        /    |    \________
       /       .|
       / "⌒ヽ |.イ |
   __ |   .ノ | || |__
  .    ノく__つ∪∪   \
    ̄ ̄ヽつ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ | | ̄
   ___________| |
    ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄| |

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  ____∧∧  / ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ 
~' ____(,,゚Д゚)< test   
_UU    U U _\______
________ \
 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄| | ̄
_______| |
 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄| |
>>2023004 #
>>2020648 #
          ∧_∧   / ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
          ( ´∀`) < Go home, kid.
        /    |    \________
       /       .|
       / "⌒ヽ |.イ |
   __ |   .ノ | || |__
  .    ノく__つ∪∪   \
    ̄ ̄ヽつ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ | | ̄
   ___________| |
          ∧_∧   / ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
          ( ´∀`) < Now this is the story all about how
My life got flipped, turned upside down
And I'd like to take a minute just sit right there
I'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel Air

Read more: Will Smith - The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Lyrics | MetroLyrics
        /    |    \________
       /       .|
       / "⌒ヽ |.イ |
   __ |   .ノ | || |__
  .    ノく__つ∪∪   \
    ̄ ̄ヽつ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ | | ̄
   ___________| |
>>2025681 #
>>2025535 #
>not building and training a neural network to transcribe the lyrics of every song/video automatically.
lol@ur lyfe fam
          ∧_∧   / ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
          ( ´∀`) < all other threads shoahed. its just us and the jews now boys.
        /    |    \________
       /       .|
       / "⌒ヽ |.イ |
   __ |   .ノ | || |__
  .    ノく__つ∪∪   \
    ̄ ̄ヽつ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ | | ̄
   ___________| |
    ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄| |

GIqSnWaDsEx37 KB418x5291490808850130.jpg
>>2025561 #
Only a paternity test could answer that conclusively.
Just kidding of course haha. You wife is very cute and loyal, so no way she would get invovled with another man. Normally.
It's just this thing about tsunderes you know? When people get upset they tend to do silly, oftentimes regrettable things. Ultimately she meant you no harm. I'd even say she did it because she loves you and wants your attention.
GIqSnWaDsEx149 KB464x4661456833175316.png
Imagine raising another man's child as your own, but then the father comes back into the child's life and the child ends up liking its biological father more than you.

GIqSnWaDsEx4.7 MB4656x2620frybeefplantain.jpg
Fried Round Steak and Baked Plantains

1-2 servings

.25h prep
.75h cook

>Meat hammer

>3 round steaks
>1-2 plantains about half blackened (1)
>1 cucumber
>Brown Sugar
>1 cup Flower
>Vegetable oil
>.75 tbls Celery Salt
>1 tbls Garlic. Powder or Granulated.
>.5 tbls Cayenne Pepper

Bake at 350F

Cut cucumber at a ~30 degree angle layer on plates and lightly salt and pepper

Prepare meat first
Tenderize meat to .25” with spiked side of hammer (2)
Coat and Worcestershire and set aside stacked on top of each other

Prepare plantains.
Peel by slicing shallow length wise and running thumb under skin
Cut in half length and width
Melt butter in small pan
Brown plantains on a medium heat
Move plantains next to each other flat side up and sprinkle with desired amount of brown sugar
Bake for 20 minutes

Cook meat
Preheat pan on medium heat with enough oil to coat bottom, less is more too much can pull flower off meat
Mix flower and spices and put on a plate and flatten.
Let meat drip then place on flower and spread flower on top
Press flower into meat with a fork in a cross pattern (3)
Flip and repeat for all steaks (I advise flowering while some are cooking)
Just before putting in steaks melt 1 tbls butter into oil it will help make the flower golden and why the hell not its butter.
Place meat in pan, it should sizzle vigorously throughout
Cook for ~2m each side or until browned

Place on individual plates, stacking or piling will cause flowering to get soggy and fall off during serving.

first for why are you doing this?

>When I was, maybe 12 years old, I had a recurring dream a number of nights in a row.
>I revolved around me being chased around a local play area by some scary vague thread. The third or forth night I was getting sick of it, so I thought by myself, if I get chased again, I'll grab a gun (mp-5 to be specific) and shoot at them. Lo and behold I found myself chased again, but this time turned around and emptied a magazine. Spooky thread gone, and never returned.
In retrospect It was a bit like lucid dreaming and suggestion, but thought of by myself out of necessity.

>>2020018 #>>2023465 #
I have had dreams that happened in a continuation of one another, but years apart in the waking world. It's jarring yet comforting, strangely enough. Like, I'll forget that I had a dream, then anywhere from 2-4 years later I'll end up back in the same spot where the dream ended like nothing had happened. It's... odd. Another thing I've noticed is whenever I notice that I'm in a dream everything starts going hazy, the edges of my vision going black and blurry as I feel something pressing back on me. Every time I notice that it's a dream, the same thing happens, and I wake up feeling like I'm being watched from somewhere.
>>2023469 #
>>2019351 #
>chased around a local play area by some scary vague thread
Maybe it was this one, haunting you. It's back, anon
>>2020506 #
>Every time I notice that it's a dream, the same thing happens, and I wake up feeling like I'm being watched from somewhere.
They tune into your brain while you sleep. The tech isn't advanced enough to where they can do it undetected while you're awake, so they spy at night in hopes of making inferences based on your unconscious thoughts

A sanfran judge, appointed by Obama, has blocked the president's attempt to defund sanctuary cities. The name of the judge is
Some dutch news;
>Turkroach drug kingpin finally caught
>Due to EU complaining we can't keep him arrested for the entire trail
>500.000 bail and and ankle bracelet
>Hears the plea in 14 years in November
>Ruling by judge a few weeks later
>Cuts hits bracelet and takes off

Somehow people didn't see this coming, and besides that, they bring the news out now, almost half a year later.
His gang did a shipment of 8000Kg, street value would be about 400 million.

Now 48% finished.
Now 75% finished.
>>2023099 #
Now it was finished without error. Try to open it. If you can't open, tell me it here.


「Berlin #14 read along/dump」

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GIqSnWaDsEx261 KB2645x1772Berlin 14 p00 Cover+rco.png
This is from a series done by Jason Lutes, a Canadian if I'm remembering correctly, that showcases the environment of Weimar era Germany. It's rather pozzed at times, but such is the case when we're dealing with the subject at hand.
31 posts and 29 images omitted See All>>2004854 ➡ #
>>2004899 #
rather pozzed? it's COMPLETELY POZZED
barely 5 pages in and they manage to shove in ~le nice jew family who dindunuffin and doesn't afraid of anything from absolutely nowhere

Auntie Mags Cinnamon Rolls

4-6(depending on how its cut)
.1.25h prep
.5h cook
cook time

>rolling pin for ease
>high altitude recipe

>3-3.5 cup all purpose (ap) flower
>.5 cup scalded milk
>.5 cup cold water
>.5 tspn salt
>1 egg
>.3 heaping cup lard(varies due to altitude)
>2-3 tbls unsalted butter(ubutter)
(if you only have salted omit salt above)
>.25 cup heaping sugar
>.5 cup melted ubutter
>.75 cup sugar
>2 tbls cinnamon
>1 tbls nutmeg
>1 tspn cream of tartar
>5 tbls ubutter
>2 cups confectioners sugar
>2-3 tbls butter

preheat oven to 170F

In a small bowl mix 1 tbls yeast with 3 tbls warm water and .25 tbls sugar. Set aside
Put flower in large bowl
Scald milk and melt lard, sugar, and butter into it.
Add cold water then add yeast.
Dump into flower and add egg. Kneed either by hand or bread mixer for 10 minutes should be slightly sticky.
Lightly grease another large bowl, ball dough up and place inside. Wet a washcloth and wring it out thoroughly. Place over bowl.
Set bowl in oven and turn oven off. Leave for about .5h or until dough has risen a little more than 2x its original size.

While wating prepare filling.
Melt butter in saucepan and add spices.
When spices are evenly mixed ad half sugar, mix then add the rest. Set aside in a warm spot.
Prepare glaze
Put butter in medium bowl and add vanilla.
Mix with either a fork or small whisk.
When mixed add confectioners sugar and whisk till smooth.

After dough has risen.
Remove dough from oven and heat to 170F place shallow pan of water on lowest rack.
Punch dough down and roll into a sheet ~10”x16”.
Spread filler leaving off 1” short side
Cut into strips .75-1”. For smaller rolls cut strips in half.
Place in lightly greased deep pan with ~.5” between rolls and edge
Let rise in oven .5h or until doubled.
Remove and heat oven to 350F.
Bake on middle rack above water for 35 minutes(varies due to)
Remove and let cool 5 minutes
Apply desired amount of glaze.

Anonymous ## Board Owner
Welcome to Food

Taking the time to prepare and share food is a time honored ritual that bonds the Family and Community together and, to our detriment, our society has mechanized and dehumanized food preparation as it has every other aspect of life. Here at /foo/d we would seek to remedy that. Here is a place wherein we can share our culinary concoctions with each other and hopefully create a stronger sense of community. While this is expressly a victuals and beverage board food related topics are welcome such as how to bring the family back to the table, share meals with friends/neighbors etc.

Political and off topic comments are acceptable but keep in depth conversations to their respective boards. Please understand, while limited freedom of speech is extended, expect to be shouted down if the community disagrees with your opinions.

1: Follow sitewide rules and customs
2: Check the catalog before creating a new subject thread
3: Keep the board organized via subject threads such as Breakfast, [insert meat type], Quick Meals etc
4: Don't trashtalk the food because of where its from judgment is to be based on merit only
(mocking the chef is acceptable)
5: Don't be an obnoxious dick use discretion

Please Format recipes similar to this:



total time
prep time
cook time

>special tooling if necessary


temp of oven, broiler, etc.


serving tips or reheat advice

I don't expect the need to apply moderation, however, if it is needed the hammer will be heavy.

Its only me and you, this town ain't big enough for the two of us.
>>2023354 #
Where is everyone
Why did Italy get BTFO so hard in WW2?


Homura reminds me of a very powerful Hindu/Buddhist asura.

Where the fuck did all the quality posters go? They definitely didn't stay on 8pol kek and this place is fuggin dead
>>2020498 #
>>2020497 #
Try the meadhall thread. They had a few good discussions earlier. There may be a few on some of the other image boards like endchan, .pl, or nextchan
Unfortunately, nextpolk is even more dead than 8polk.

I'm hitting the megaupload limits within the first few books. Are there torrent versions of these dumps? or other ways around the limits
>>2000311 #
>>1999743 #
>or other ways around the limits
Megatools. It's command-line only, but all you have to do is paste links (and escape those exclamation marks) anyway. There's even a >windows version.
i like these digits
>>2001400 #
>>2001400 #
It was the least I could do, anon-kun.
you have nice digits too
GIqSnWaDsEx233 KB1177x8312017-04-24 23:43:57.png
What's the best way do batch download with original filenames? I know there's probably a way to do it with wget without getting the same result as pic related (both original copies and the hash, which means you have to figure out which ones are actually dupes and not files that are already named like that) but I have no idea how.

>>1984584 #
He fuels my hoax consporacies so well. Everything about him ford not add up, even for a psycho.
>gooka not dead
>>1983142 #
I think it will continue to drag on until the housing bubble pops (again). There isn't much that can be done if we get another 2008 our interests rates are about as low as they can go and we don't have anymore money for bailouts.


「Dr. Meguca, I'm PMMM」

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GIqSnWaDsEx1.2 MB1685x1000Homura big guy.png
Even though 8chan is fixed, I've decided I'm going to stay here anyways. Here is an OC offering to the community of my new home.
Also, we need more Homura memes, since it was decided she is megu/pol/'s new mascot, so this thread will be for requesting and posting Hormura memes/edits.
Taking requests.
65 posts and 39 images omitted See All>>1966814 #

>>1996714 #
Wow this is seeming less and less like RNG.
I think I have enough decent monsters to form a wood team now, I just need to level and evolve most of them.
And yeah my schedule has been weird lately, although I had this whole weekend off.
0 stamina normal dungeons


「ITT: Discuss the Differences Between the Sexes/Post Infographs/Information/Propoganda」

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>>2001356 #
you dont know anything about style bitch this is ancient sarmatian tradition

>>1998828 #
There wouldn't be feminism, for one thing. And no sexual repression.
So is there a special hotline for contacting my guide, or just the standard contact-intent meditation?
>>2000384 #
>>1998850 #
If you can already use telepathic communications with spirits, this channel will most likely be used. Otherwise, like explained in the fringechan thread, you will be given signs anywhere during your day. Intent of wanting to join or contact a collective member succubus is easiest done by the official collective simple ritual. If done at night, light a single candle in a dark room, visualize the girl you want to contact until the image becomes lifelike in your mind. Project a feeling of warmth and love at this image. When contact is made, this image will at first be used by the succubus, gradually changing it to be more like the personal characteristics of this individual. This means you are preparing a space in your mind for her to contact you through.
If done during the day, use insence istead of a candle. A natural environment is best, if you live in a large city with lots of concrete and no parks nearby, it may be better to find a location that at least has grass, or to create a space in your home, decorated with traditional crafts.
But as you are already expressing interest here in this thread, they may already have their eyes on you. Written words also express intent, even online. They will still wait for you to perform something, but this is mostly formalia if this is the case.
So a circlejerk of succubicucks? How is this a good thing?
As previously elaborated on fringechan:

Benefits of becoming a succubus:
>breaking free of reincarnation, no longer forced to deal with pesky human matters
>immortality, you will be invincible
>have the body you have always dreamed of
>nobility status in hell, noone will hurt you if you go to the underworld

Additionally, benefits of being a Collective member:
>your own personal cave
>access to Collective facilities such as the beach, the distant islands and the high plateu
>get good deals with our internal credit score system
>"rent a body" system for those who want to visit the human world but lack the ability to form their own body
>free access to the worlds of our allies, including the popular incubus world Candy Kingdom

If after expressing your intent, the evaluation determines you are more fit to be an incubus, proper arragements will be made to connect you with a suitable guide among our incubus allies. (modified to fit meguca thread)

that's degenerate
Board Creation fixed.

Move thread, sluts. This one is done.

somehow the board got terminally infested with shitposting, so I burned it down and I'm starting fresh. This board is a back-up board for /polk/ that I will one day give to the /polk/ BO when he needs it, not a place for you to shitpost rampantly. Do it again and you'll get banned.
I might leave the board in read only for a bit too just to get the point across.

>>2015291 #
That's probably because western PC MMORPGs are a dead genre. Koreans never really pump out anything anymore and we can maybe only hope for the Chinese and some indie devs.
>>2015298 #>>2016130 #
>>2015298 #
PC games are dying to begin with. I can easily see that in ~10 years nobody but indies will release any and most personal computers will just be a client for cloud subscription services. Creators will still need PCs and it will take some time for offices to move, but cloud is generally cheaper for Enterprise deployment. Soon there will be nothing but consoles and expensive enthusiast workstations.
>>2015594 #
>>2015292 #
the only title that I have some excitement for is "Camelot Unchained"
everything else is really meh
I think that I have more interest in fan projects or private servers reviving old games than new stuff put out by the game industry


「Shadow Brokers Dump」

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GIqSnWaDsEx620 KB2046x1688qb3gv4e.jpg

Last week's dump: https://github.com/x0rz/EQGRP

Last week's message: https://medium.com/@shadowbrokerss/dont-forget-your-base-867d304a94b1

For a little background, there's a hacking group called the Shadow Brokers who stole a shitload of the NSA's cyberweapons. They had them up for auction on the deepweb for a million bitcoins (~575 million USD). No one paid so they dumped some of the tools last weekend after Trump attacked Syria. The tools all exploited old vulnerabilities, as far back as 2003. They also released a message implying that they're ex-deep state and they're pissed Trump is becoming a globalist.
11 posts and 2 images omitted See All>>1994997 ➡ #

>>2016139 #
um I think you misclicked there's nothign but faggots there
[Youtube] ???
Has everyone seen this? It's the Atlas robot but it can do parkour


「ideological explanation thread」

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This thread is where I (the BO, I will be using my staff title) will attempt to explain the boards position on various issues. Others are welcome to ask questions or for elaboration on something, but otherwise please behave yourselves.
14 posts and 1 image omitted See All>>2005181 #
>>2006306 #
We out here making money brah, work is for faggots nah I'm sayin? Slangin dope on the corner bra where it's at my nigger, we slang like it Ain't No Thang Brah! Socialist for Life Brah! Bernie my Nigger Brah!
>>2005234 #
Fucking faggot BO, I'm the only one on your shitty board right now probably
Anonymous ## Board Owner
To clarify on how we feel about leftypol: We respect them as fellow socialists but disagree with them ideologically a lot of the time. We're willing to work with them when they aren't being idiots

>Smooth and chill theme
>Eggmun streams the same tomorrow
>>1984634 #
>>1984631 #
He's got a lot of different music than I do, it's a similar vibe but little musical overlap.

>>2015072 #
Damn, whoever suggested a de-cucking stage after ths was right.
All that cucking has washed onto me.



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1 post and 0 image omitted See All

i am home from consuming copious amounts of drugs
what have i missed folks
are lolis the future?


「The situation with 8/pol/, and the events that will follow」

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GIqSnWaDsEx108 KB888x8881a00070a733f1411cbc83967a0….jpg
I might spend a bit of time on this post depending on how far my train of thought is willing to go, so please bear with me as I write it up.

Now that 8chan's logging of user IDs is out in the open for the public to see the community at large will be forced to make a one of three decisions of which the first two are obvious. Either they stay on 8/pol/ regardless of their data being logged and being sold/handed to feds at will, or they seek refuge at one of the many bunker chans that have popped up as alternatives. It is not my hope or preference that the bulk of 8chan's userbase migrate here. As we can see from the 8/sudo/ episode, 8chan is hosting a large amount of cuckchanners of whom are better off contained than assimilated in bulk. My concern is of those quality posters who actively influence current events, social consciousness, and as a result, reality itself. If you are following the 8chan hack thread on 8/pol/ and are not a newfag you will notice disturbing similarities to behavior exhibited by TRS users when their leader was revealed to have a jewish wife, and quite possibly be a jew himself. Although this is common with most forums with a constructed identity tied to them it is a little surprising to see this kind of behavior on 8chan proper. Some anons (who could very likely be shills) are engaging in bad faith argumentative tactics such as shaming anyone who thinks that the Sunshine leaks are relevant to the board in any way. A common phrase tied to anons who dare question this functionality of 8chan's code are labeled "D&C Shills" in a fashion very similar to TRS crying out "DON'T PUNCH RIGHT" or "STOP PURITY SPIRALING" when a disruptive element is revealed withing their ranks. This should raise questions as to whether these posters are genuine anons who have failed to assimilate, or genuine shills who have been trained to maintain the status quo of 8/pol/ post-election.

Post (1/?)
134 posts and 14 images omitted See All>>1967683 #>>1967709 #>>1968753 #>>1971165 #>>1972878 #
communism is cancer outright , google this name ... it has changed many peoples minds this 1 hour lecture that will come up
>>1973370 #

Take it from someone who arrived during Five Guys and is actually a kind of e-celeb (but has a fucking brain and knows OPSEC):

8pol is kill, there is a major police force investigating it and a national security agency shilling it. No, you don't know if I'm LARPing and I fucking don't care if you believe me or not.

They are frightened out of their minds over the effect we are having. It's someone anon in a Pepe mask is dumping acid in the water supply and they have no idea who or where it is coming from. Jim being a mason has fraternal duties and this Sunshine shit was expected. ALWAYS using a VPN.
bro come here we have a discussion on subversion against us , come have a look and just gimme a lil time to read your text
Friend, yes got to vpn i been careless , nice i met a celebrity haha . So much police huh ? they're terified . Acid attack wow hope no false flag . thanks for vpn opsec i didnt kno.


「/pol/ fitness」

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GIqSnWaDsEx317 KB1007x1280gasmask-2142459_1280.jpg
What does it mean to be /pol/ fit?
Focus should be on usefulness (visual impression may also be useful).
Topics to discuss:
>martial arts
>mental training/mediation/discipline
23 posts and 3 images omitted See All
>>2005378 #
> good luck doing deadlfts two days in a row
Thats why I said 2-3 times per week. I assumed you understood it to be spaced out, but just in case you did not, please do not think 2 times per week means monday-tuesday, that's kind of retarded.

> trainong to failire is dangerous
Quite the opposite in fact. You are weakest at the end of your set l, your muscles have the most force at the beginning of any exercise, which would then be the most damgerous. Danger could occur at the end with dropping a weight, or cheating in your form, which is why I mentioned never cheat, on form or posture or speed, they don't just kill intensity, they cause undue danger.

> anaerobic is lmao, cardio good fgt
It appears the meat head meme is not totally dead. I have to find the source but most of the cardio = good meme comes from the work of a scientist who based most of his intuitions on Christian faith, kind of like the Kellogg family believed whole grain cleansed the soul of evil. It took advantage of the fact that moderate exercise is better than sedentism, and it extrapolated out from there to tell people to keep running, and running hard always. It's hogwash bunk ass science.
>>2009874 #
>high intensity training (HIT)
I'm currently reading a book by Micheal Mosley about his 3 min a week routine. Supposedly you can get results by only doing 3x 20 second sprints on an exercise bike 3 times a week. Enough to improve insulin resistance from bad levels to ok for someone developing diabetes type 2, and apart from that increase oxygen uptake by up to 40%.
>>2011067 #
>>2010864 #
It's similar principle. The idea is maximum output with minimum time. I think the Detroit Tigers used to do this. There is large scale basically seminal study you can read about by Arthur Jones carried out withe the cadets,at West point. A lot of the trainers involved in that study worked their way into the nfl and determined it's training atmosphere for a long time.

Sadly, with the advent of megasteroids like igf1 and mgf, drug pushers who allow for laziness have displaced the old guard of hit. "Cardio" in this age is bought by blood doping and anabolic (which stimulate red blood cell production).
>tfw have gone from fat as fuck to nearly Nordic Thanks to the influence of /pol/
Thank you based frog fog

>>2005900 #
>tfw he still can't understand that the person he replied to originally was from /pol/ and arguing against our memes.
So this is the best and brightest, the geniuses that got out?
>>2010742 #
>>2005493 #
> alt right
are faggots

>We're going to be false flagging them with really nazi and racist shit
>false flagging
how, they're just natsoc in denial
OK. i'm going to post some of my RevSoc oc in a bit. pls be patient and get your printers ready, comrades.

r/a/dio djs are 2D
Does that make Eku a cute trap?
>>2005228 #
are those all cropped images or is she mostly doing portraits? because portraits get boring quickly in my opinion

Anonymous ## Board Owner
Isreal is the only western nation still engaging in imperialistic, expansive actions and enforcing racial policies. There is no reason we should be supporting and enabling their behavior
>>2005722 #
>>2005318 #
Man, these merchant meme are getting Loss-tier abstract.

this is now a qt thred

>>1998570 #
I broke a pretty vigorous fapping streak for the Fuhrers birthday and plan on taking an oath of wiener chastity for a while to honor him.

#pyu (13769)
Woah, I just slept 11 hours.
#pyu (13771)

can we also have a booboonigger appreciation board??
>>1983761 #

>>1998622 #
I think that the problem is you, not the site itself. Maybe if you didn't talk like such a fag, and your shit wasn't so retarded, you'd be able to enjoy the glorious liveposting. Git good nigger.
>>2000306 #

>>1960546 #
re: Hardened Gentoo
If, theoretically, someone was running Gentoo on an encrypted VirtualBox, and routing though tor, what kind of additional hardening might one recommend?
i2p might be better than tor. also still not as secure as running each application in its own vm as in qubes
Is the CopperheadOS rom the best you can get for a phone in terms of security and privacy? afaik it only supports google nexus and the google hardware may be pozzed. i know the baseband processor is already pozzed.
>>1966411 #

How can I trust enigmail to not log keystrokes or just rip and send decrypted incomings?


「My Ancient Hominids OC」

AnonymousExpandLast 100
GIqSnWaDsEx13.1 MB6400x7800History 01.png
So guys, I'm this anon here
>>>1970623 ➡ #
I finally finished this mega image. I wish I could put more information, but it would become too big (it's already);
Any questions you can ask me. If this has no responses, I'll consider not making more OC. Also, I would like to see more Anons doing that sort of stuff.
35 posts and 8 images omitted See All>>1971124 ➡ #>>1971150 #>>1971324 #>>1971682 #>>1991380 ➡ #>>2000131 #
>>2000131 #
>erectus, neanderthalensis, rhodesiensis, are still alive and well as the different "races" of men

you're full of shit here and your other points aren't any better. if you want pseudoscience go to leftypol
>>2000195 #
>>2000190 #

I said it was a theory. But that's the killer about anthro. I doubt the very core of investigation is uncorrupted. It seems like a,well coordinated whitewashing or at least africanization of our original story
>>2000200 #
>>2000195 #
>white washing or africanization
which is it? make up your mind.
yes, anthro is pozzed to hell and back but the races of man are subspecies, not species (maybe with the exception of abbos)
>>2000204 #
>>2000200 #

Whitewashing as in monochromatic, a one sided view of prehuman development that favors recent, near impossibly fast movement from African Spearchuckers to white nation builder and arvhitect
>>2000208 #

>>1998623 #

This is honestly still better than most 8chan posts at this point

>>1998917 #
I think the different combinations reflect different levels of consciousness too...the more I think about it, the happier I am with it.
>>1998923 #
I just wish I had more artistic talent, when it comes to drawing, I think if it were done well, it'd speak a lot better. It's just really a rough diagram...at least Ouroboros looks alright.
That qigong text just went off on a tangent about prehistoric civilization. Fuck yeah.
>>1998782 #

Test post:

I recommend wim hof. He has taken a very materialistic and scientific approach to breathing and inner self but he is great at getting people really deep into consciousness expansion in just a day. Also, I think I got banned off of pol already for arguing too much too fast. Here was the last post I was going to make, itnis.tangentially related to /x/ in that it deals with water and mineral Balance, which is health and thus mental health related, and it has to do with removing fluoride from wster, which is from what I hear necessary to sort of "unstick" the pineal gland. Here is the response to someone asking for advice on water filters (almost none of which remove fluoride) and me responding with a distillation alternative:

>>1999384 ➡ #

I use a megahome stainless steel tabletop .9 gallon distiller. You have to make your water ahead of time but it's pretty cheap and you have pretty much total control. You gotta remember to buy the nutriteam charcoal filters and have a pure raw salt on hand, like Celtic sea salt or himalayan pink salt, I put one heaping quarter teaspoon in with each one gallon batch, this remineralizes the water. At the end of each brew I drop a tablespoon of decaying powder (some sort of powdered cirtirc acid I think) and get out the scum at the bottom. This is more often than necessary but I don't mind.

I store it in half gallon Mason jars, which is what I serve out of. The filters ought to be replaced every 30 days or 30 gallons. This comes after a lot of trial and error with sourcing my water. Will cost about 250 up front and maybe 25 cents per gallon after but worth it imo.

I checked back on 8gag, because of bad reflexes or whatever. A thread on the first page was addressing how their site is more exposed than ever and how they should face it that Trump cannot be trusted etc.
>open it
>404, thread was taken out by some "daemon"
>explanation on daemon just brings up FAQ with no answers
>after reload, thread is gone
>>1998988 #
>>1996757 #

I'm assuming you mean cripple chan, it's been fuck as hell since the hack. There were accusations before of compromisation, but now the content directing is obscene. Flimsy one-news-cite articles getting stickied about Kim Jong un bombing us for real guise, e celeb shit tolerated on a massive scale, nudity and porn slowly working its way back into being allowed site wide, and most infuriating, they are straight deleting threads on white culture of any kind. White literature or philosophy thread, white music thread, white scientific developments and coubtercurrentd thread, all get nuked quicker than cp.

>>1998897 #
Photo 29: Nensha Akuma

Seventeen-year-old Akiko Nakamura had been missing for nearly two months when her mother Masami finally gave up hope on the Tokyo police and turned to Daisuke Ezakiya, one of Japan’s last remaining practitioners of nensha, or projected thermography. Ezakiya also claimed to be a remote viewer, capable of finding missing persons with his mind, and would combine these talents to project what he saw onto Polaroids that, theoretically, would help locate them. Despite numerous attempts, this ghastly image was his only successful result. According to Ezakiya, the shining object is a mirror, used to deflect psychic intrusions, and the reason his further attempts failed. According to Masami, the thing holding it is an Akuma, or demon. When asked later whether the image had helped her locate her daughter, Masami was curt and blunt. “Yes,” she said, “my daughter is in hell.”
>>1998899 #
GIqSnWaDsEx101 KB1000x6251414935517356 (1).jpg
>>1998898 #
Photo 30: The Trinity Deception

This is one of several famous photographs taken of the first ever nuclear detonation. Conducted by the U.S. Army on July 16, 1945, in the White Sands Proving Ground (located in the Jornada del Muerto desert, about 35 miles southeast of Socorro, New Mexico), the setting off of this “implosion-design plutonium device” (the same method used in the “Fat Man” device dropped on Nagasaki) ushered in the Atomic Age and the eventual arms race between the United States and Russa.
>>1998901 #
GIqSnWaDsEx101 KB1000x6251414935517356.jpg
>>1998899 #
Only a handful of people were aware that this photo was cropped before it was ever released to the public and they are all now dead. One of them was the original photographer, who gave the author a copy of the original on the condition that it be kept out of the public eye until such a time that the citizens of the world could handle the ramifications of what it depicts.
>>1998902 #


「Did you study today, /jp/aritachi?」

AnonymousExpandLast 100
GIqSnWaDsEx27 KB500x379a_problem_with_the_deepness.jpg
No study links because fuck you I'm not your sensei.

I don't even have japanese input working on my desktop anymore. I will never speak Japanese any better than an autistic 4-year old. You probably won't either. Oh well, fampai.
How many kanji can you write? I can write maybe 3. Mou yameyo.
>>1996513 #

>>1998566 #
Go for it; if somebody makes one, it's not like I won't go...

riunded means the join was curved half way through the log to mate with its opposite.

I was told to come here and ask for someone named Eku to be my boyfriend! I know nothing of this site or your culture!
>>2001344 #
>>2000983 #
How did he die!
>>2001344 #
I was posting in a homo thread and was directed here and told to seek you out to be my boyfriend!

well now
ded thred
>>1991687 #
Heads up guys, tonight I'm going to be streaming late if at all. My folks and I are going out for Easter dinner and I'm not sure when I'll be back.
>>1996744 ➡ #


「Multi upload script」

AnonymousExpandLast 100
GIqSnWaDsEx4 KB354x143upload.png
Post bug reports or feedback for the user script. https://gist.github.com/an-electric-sheep/ce0cd642b2bff8508f39931e902588b1

Install on chrome through Tampermonkey, on Firefox through Greasemonkey.

Post browser version if you experience errors. Check the browser console (Ctrl+Shift+K on firefox, probably F12 on chrome) for errors.
4 posts and 1 image omitted See All>>1969783 ➡ #>>1970289 ➡ #>>1970402 ➡ #>>1975633 #>>1995721 ➡ #
>>1975799 #
That very much sounds like the script is not running from within tampermonkey but in a chrome extension context instead, it can't pass the files from there.
Added a post delay option to the script for slower dumping
10/10 it changed my life
better then orgasm
the best thing to come from internet
whoever made this is now considered honorary aryan
no, but seriously, thank you. this is really helping me
once more thanks.

End of part 2

>>1973129 #
Only anime I've ever been able to put on the 'ol kino list
I watched it and it was awesome. Then I read the manga. And it was even awesomer. What do I do with my life now?
>>1991088 #>>1993851 #
>>1991071 #
Read the author's other works. Happiness is pretty good. Yuutai Nova is top tier cuckery.