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When you were here before
Couldn't look you in the eye
You're just like an angel
Your skin makes me cry
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「Fuck it we're watching stuff here」

All the stuff got wiped so this is the new group-watch containment thread. Unless this one isn't good enough.
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「Webm Thread」

Post your weebms.
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「Refreshing Monday」

The new beginning.
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newfags can't redpost.
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「McDoogle Sunday Thread」

Hey girls! For tonight, I'm going to play the new Greyl album that just cam out. Greyl is a Russian Future Funk artist and he's fucking great.

After that I'm going to do a coffee playlist in honor of the fact that as of this week I'll be roasting my own coffee beans. Basically what that means is I'll be playing music that I think would fit a coffee shop atmosphere, which will be a lot of chill/comfy stuff.

Requests are open, so if you want to hear music that fits the theme, let me know.
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「Banner thread」

Make more banners for /a/!
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「Manga Thread」

Talk about manga. What have you been reading, what are you waiting for translations for.
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It is the weekend now, try to take it easy.
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「A later than usual Friday Night F/a/ggotry」


Let's get some energy flowing, all right?
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「Spooky Friday」

It's Friday the 13th, get ready to be spooked.
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「Slutty Thursday」

Pantsu kinshi.
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「Lewd Wednesday」

Getting ready to climb Fuji-san with Aoi!
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「Torrid Tuesday」

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「Mundane Monday v2」

I don't know, talk about Monday stuff