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「Melonpan is not made from melons」

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「WebM thread」

Post your weebms.
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「Meguca Sings!」

Lets usher in the holidays with a very melli song!
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「R/a/dio Rock and Roll!」

Tonight's theme is going to be rock and roll! Notably, I avoided a lot of the stuff I usually play so hopefully you'll get to hear some new or unusual stuff tonight.

/r/s are open so feel free to let me know if you want anything in particular, especially if it's something obscure!
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Meguca game project: electric boogaloo counter-attacks

Ready for another failed project? I sure am. Discuss the development of the meguac game here.
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Suggest shit for us to watch.
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「Tentacle Tuesday」

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Check your emails! It's time for the wrapping of presents and gifts, and the sending and making of cards.
Post initials too. It is highly recommended to make sure grinching is somewhat prevented. Though, meguca would never do that!
Please spoiler initials
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「wakarimasenlol Friday」

Don't let the skeletons take over.
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「Friday Night F/a/ggotry」

Another night. I'm here to prevent you from further suffering.

If you've got a request, add /r/ in front of it so I can find it easier.
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「2ch Saturday」

Re-read molester man.
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This is a thread for porn and porn related things
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>She embraces you from behind, applying lotion while you are sightless
under the blindfold.
>The massage begins on your back, then slides up under your arms, acro
ss your chest...
>She's slightly drunk. A playfulness hangs in the air. You are tumesce
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「Still festive butt」

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「Alive Tuesday」

Fuck skeletons, seriously.
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is crackposting allowed here?
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Get ready for a whole night of 2hu! 2hu jazz, rock, metal, you name it. I'll do genre blocks so don't be too surprised if you don't hear your /r/ right away (if you request metal during the jazz block, for example, it'll get played later).

/r/s are of course open.