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「streamshit ii: waiting for (You)」

a shiny new thread
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「MTV Population Thread」

I'm glad this exists.
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「Witchy Wednesday」

Its almost Halloween!
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So I made a fren, but I am scare that if I they will not be my fren anymore if I don't learn to talk more and be more outgoing and less reserved. How do I do this?
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「Meguca scanlation thread」

Post anything you'd like to translate/typeset or feel free to ask for general help about scanlating.
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「Monday's Tawawa」

That's monday for you dekinai friends.
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「Maki Monday」

Eat tomatoes.
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「Quiet Sunday」

Who will notice? Who will be left behind?
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「Saturday flaturday」

Naked sweater edition
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「Friendly Fridays」

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「F/a/ggotry Friday」

There will be a request block somewhere in here, post the files in this thread if you want to hear it!
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「Dead Thursday」

Make sure to post that webm.
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「Mogra afterparty/Yorozuya Birthday Bash」

get your drinks up and lets go i'm going for as long as i can for a crazy birthday bash

it'll be a few minutes since i'm still setting up
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「the real one」

is dis where i post???
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「Cirno monday.」

Happy 19/9/9, Meguca!, lets celebrate Cirno day together.
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「Saturday Shrine」

Do not accept bad threads for by evil overlords
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「REAL S/a/turday Nigh Thread」

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「Catgirls need love」

Have you done your best today to bring catgirls to reality?
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「Make a story」

Use your imagination to make a story, starting off from where the previous anon left.
Anything goes.