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first for loving meguca #d7777 (2461)
I also love meguca, but I love meguca #d7777 (1915) much instead
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I like this anon because this anon loves meguca the most.
All theses posts and still no anime or manga discussion
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What's good next season besides sympohgeah?
A reminder to watch what you download before downloading more.
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Why can't I watch anime with meguca? It's less fun alone
>>6355903 #
Meguca doesn't watch anime I heard
Is anyone else watching the Ao-chan short this season? I've been liking that one.
>>6355880 #
her sense of justice and understanding is just high as fuck
How many thousands of megucas have you seen
not enough
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Actually, with the whole twitch shitshow yesterday I remembered how we haven't watched movies together for quite some time now. Last time I remember watching Kimi no na wa but that's it.
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Isn't the stream thread still alive
I don't like the stream crew.
Yes but >stream
Wasn't streaming forbidden on meguca
even christmas?
>>6355915 #
I think that's what the streamthread does
Or what they did
I only joined them once
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I was actually going to say that I'm up for anything that isn't from Kyoani but I'm fine with the Hibike movie
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That's why I think it's fine as a standalone, it's better when you don't know the series as well. That way you get this charming adventure movie and you're not expecting something else. I think people can still get into Lupin fine afterwards if they enjoy it.
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If they get into the rest, then yeah. If they don't then they'll forever have the wrong idea about the franchise.
I guess it doesn't really apply in this case but it's a problem since there's so many people who watch that and only that because it has the Miyazaki name attached to it.
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I kinda want to see HF2 but everyone mocks the series anyway so not worth it
>>6355980 #
Cool, I'll upload to google drive then, will take osme time since this rip is like 20 gb.
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It doesn't have the same drama as real romance
it's more idealization of what you would imagine in a romance, but know that it would never be real
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The upload should be ready in one hour
What makes something cute
GYdIqSnWaDsEx803 KB875x7201537122734449.png
Not to mention the Faustian element that is necessarily present in the story.

An old man thought it might be a good idea to become a rabbit because his journey as a barista is filled with draining toils. A girl heard his wish and granted it.

The old man represents Faust, a scholar with noticeable success yet still yearning for more, perhaps he is bored just like the old barista bored with the toils of running a cafe. The wish of the old man, the moment it manifested in his head attracted a representation of the devil, Cocoa. It's undeniable that Cocoa is the representation of Mephistopheles. Thus, it's easy to imagine that the old man wagered his own soul in exchange of a decadent life as a rabbit.

It's simply a story about morality. The old man abandoned his morality and chose to make a contract with the devil. While Cocoa, it seemed to me that the moment Cocoa went working in Rabbit House at the start of the story marks something very cryptic that the author is trying to tell us about. Why does the devil went to The House of Belvedere?? A house of paradox, where there's an old man yet he is a rabbit. A rabbit yet he is an old man. Truly the devil has marked the place with her curse and scheming something disguised as a barista or perhaps she's about to get something there.

While all the girls that are one by one tangled around Rabbit House are merely representation of Belvedere Lithograph by M.C. Escher itself. The old man guiding the lady is the devil himself, Mephistopheles. Syaro is the woman about to be tangled into the chaos. Chiya is the guy trying to solve the impossible cube. Rize is the prisoner of Belvedere. And Chino is the princess who stands atop the tower, unable to get down from the paradoxical shackles of Rabbit House. Aoyama the scholar looking at the mountains. While others like Megu and Maya are mere simpletons trying to climb the ladder to approach Chino, yet they are unable for the devil had made Chino a hostage
The most interesting story of Gochuumon is the adventure of one Japanese man learning English.
It's bad.
S3 got upgraded artsyle and quintella is very "interesting" but i'm not gonna sit through a whole year worth of SAO
rip eugene
he was an good boy
>>6356154 #
i was talking about his first time
don't take it seriously
Okay so the movie is almost uploaded. I've never used cytube as a host, do I have to register a new channel?
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>>6356208 #
I don't know who has the right on the meguca one, but I think you can do it there? but you can also make a new one sure
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>>6356256 #
Cool. Well the video is processing right now and I don't know how long it takes.
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